Sheila helped us every step of the way and she


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Sheila helped us every step of the way, and she did extra work that made the results even better and much easier for us. An outstanding job at an excellent price, on time, even better than promised. Brody and Chester did a beautiful job, taking great care with all the details and extra touches that made the final results so lovely. We chose Canada Hardwood Flooring Inc.

Low levels can cause the wood to dry out, which in turn could weaken the wood, resulting in the floor splintering. With this hardwood you get a traditional finish with low gloss and enhanced appeal in y our home. The board-to-board colour variation is more pronounced in some pieces than in others for the contrasting look of solid hardwood.

Follow manufacturer recommendations relating to moisture before selecting and installing hardwood. Consider what type of subfloor you have and what level of the house you wish to install hardwood before deciding on an appropriate choice. Hardwood's variety of finishes and assortments provide styling flexibility.

Engineered hardwood is manufactured from several layers of solid wood or plywood material, also mostly organic. Twenty years is the time it usually takes for a family to wear down the floor finish. Still, in order to preserve the beauty of the floor for many years to come, it is important to quickly clean up all spills and clean the floor regularly.

It's best to avoid using universal cleaners, detergents, or furniture polish - aside from making the floor finish appear greasy, they can temporarily dull, or even permanently damage the finish. Regular sweeping, dry mopping, or floor refinishers in my area wiping with a damp cloth is all that's necessary for caring and maintaining laminate flooring. Spot repairs are especially easy with wire brushed and oiled hardwood floors and can be done DIY-style within a couple of hours.