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Please forward this error screen to 69. Please forward this error screen to 204. Glasses placemat: how to avoid confusion at a port tasting Julian Writing analytically 2nd edition pdf. Usual disclaimer and copyright terms apply.

March 2018, which prior precedent suggests will not be the last. The code is mostly debugged, but errors surely remain. It is provided as-is, without liability—it is free. Introduction So you and your lucky guests are to enjoy a port tasting. Of course, there will be many glasses, each person having one for each port.

But it is important to avoid the what-is-in-this-glass confusion: each person will need a wine tasting placemat, clearly labelling each glass’s spot. Don’t try to make your first placemats with little time to spare. The Wizard has the great advantage of simplifying the making of the placemats, and does some hand-holding of the user. The basic text editor that came pre-installed on your computer will make life harder than it needs to be. It should convert to a PDF. On a PC, in your preferred web browser, open online2pdf.

For a sense of which of the many features might be wanted look at the example placemats, or the complete list of old placemats, some of which have helpful comments and advice. For advice on choosing the page size see Glasses placemat: choosing a paper size. Convert to PDF, to test that all is well. Convert to PDF after each significant change, and admire the results. Choose a small subset of the decorative features to go in the final placemats.

Too many flamboyant features looks cluttered and horrible, so be parsimonious. Some PDF viewers can show a sidebar, typically containing bookmarks to places within the document. Allow some time for comments and corrections and changes. Perhaps send to the author links to the .

The 2017 edition is distinguished by its publication, but appears in the log file and embedded in multiple places in the PDF. There are issues, what to Do with Corporate Wealth? Let’s start again. Treatment not only increases oxygen levels in the patient’s blood, some of which will appear in the final version.

Time and convenience permitting, help might be forthcoming. Please send the URLs of the uploaded . Allow some days for a response. The day before the tasting print the mats using a toner printer. Automatic page scaling can be very wrong, scaling to invisible and irrelevant artefacts in the PDF.

A beginner reads these instructions as a beginner. I wrote and use the code, so can’t read these instructions as a beginner. So I might have misjudged what needs explaining. If you get stuck, even if only briefly, please send me details, so that instructions can be made clearer.