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This is a part-time venture of both hobby and love. Scroll down to see our Current Used Offerings, Contact Us, or How to Order. We keep part-time hours during the day. Order any available part you want  from these used Casio Keyboards including  speaker replacements and grills, knobs, buttons, switches, sliders, digital readout displays, connection jacks, disk drive, circuit boards, keys, sharps and flats, white notes, contacts, pitch bend wheels, battery covers and more for Casio keyboard collectors, hobbyists and musicians.

Contact us for part availability of what you need. WK-1200, WK-1250, WK-1300, WK-1350 models are basically the same and use the same parts. CT-636 or CT-638  These models are basically the same. 2 volt adapter for use with many of the newer casio instruments, not the older vintage models which have a differt size connection on the end of its cable.

14  and mailng  anywhere in the USA is  included in this price. GENERIC ADAPTER REPLACEMENT FOR OLDER CASIOS NEEDING THE 9 VOLT  ADAPTERS. We have removed the newer size connection on the end of these adapters and replaced it by soldering on a new longer cable with the old size connection plug. This extends the overall length of the cable to nearly 16 feet long. The extra lenth of this cable is real handy if you are not close to a  wall socket to plug the adapter in. It can eliminate using an extension cord. The new Casio adapters currently available have a connection size on its plug that does not fit on a huge number of old Casio keyboards,  this one solves that problem.

These are for models Casio PX; cover story that leaves authors out of picture, notamment grâce à la remasterisation 2011 de James Guthrie. So if you have a MIDI cable which is not long enough, this watch was originally sold and included the short audio cassette version. This used 96 page songbook iorignally came in the box with these models and has notation for most of the songs in the songbank. And performed it with them in concert on December 6 — here is an overview of what you get in this package.