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As the years have ticked by my opinions have absolutely become stronger on various issues. Of the 10 or so million people who visit Orsm in any given month, it’s pretty obvious we aren’t all going to agree on everything and with politics being one of those things no one EVER agrees on, I usually choose to err on the side of not tainting the porn and good times with that subject in particular. Imagine you’re stuck in a terrible, loveless marriage. Your partner is a delusional egomaniac and you’re deeply unhappy.

This goes on for a few years until one day you find someone better, a woman, the first woman you’ve ever been with, and give your partner the flick to shack up with her. It starts out well but eventually cracks appear and you realise your new partner is just as bad but in different ways. For the love of god, I hope no one from any other country has been keeping even half an eye on what’s been going on around here because it’s so fucking embarrassing I could roll up into a ball and die of shame. This tussle has been ongoing since Ruddy was unceremoniously fired three years ago.