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Put California in your inbox with our newsletter. Get Jonathan Gold’s 101 Best Restaurants on your phone. You deserve the truth, and we are here to fight for you. Pixar Fest is under way at Disney theme parks. Did ancient warriors suffer PTSD too? Read this: Did ancient warriors suffer PTSD too? Ancient warriors armed with swords and spears from 3,000 years ago suffered from shell shock just like modern soldiers, according to a study.

Soldiers who experienced the horrors of the battlefield and were left with post traumatic stress disorder is not a phenomenon of modern warfare, say the researchers. An analysis of ancient texts shows PTSD became common considerably earlier than previously believed, although the symptoms were explained away as ‘the spirits of those enemies whom the patient had killed. UK researchers have found signs of PTSD up to 3,000 years ago. The earliest reference had been from the Battle of Marathon, 490BC.

The risk of death and the witnessing of the death of fellow soldiers appears to have been a major source of psychological trauma,’ the researchers from Queen Mary University of London and Anglia Ruskin University wrote. Moreover, the chance of death from injuries, which can nowadays be surgically treated, must have been much greater in those days. All these factors contributed to post traumatic or other psychiatric stress disorders resulting from the experience on the ancient battlefield. Previously, the first documented instance of PTSD was Greek historian Herodotus’ account of an Athenian spearman called Epizelus who lost his sight against the Persians in 49O BC at the Battle of Marathon and whose ‘psychogenic mutism’ followed.