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Aims This module discusses the process of creating a multimedia CALL package, with particular emphasis on the design process. The main part of this module looks closely at the template approach to authoring and is based on the authors’ personal experiences in creating multimedia CD-ROMs for language learning. There is voice and accent training module pdf synergy between the material in this module and that in Module 2. 5, Introduction to CALL authoring programs.

It is therefore recommended that both Module 2. 2 be studied closely and in tandem before attempting to design any kind of CALL materials. This Web page is designed to be read from the printed page. Print in your browser to produce a printed copy.

After you have digested the contents of the printed copy, come back to the onscreen version to follow up the hyperlinks. Additional material provided by Paul Bangs, Language Technology Consultant, UK. First considerations Designing and creating a multimedia CALL package is an extremely demanding task, calling upon a range of skills and meticulous attention to detail. Personnel and tools The subject specialist – usually a language teacher – is the key member of CALL project development team. Most CALL development projects require more than one subject specialist. The team must have at least one member who is capable of using an appropriate authoring tool, either a dedicated CALL authoring program or a multipurpose authoring package: see Module 2.

A language teacher can achieve good results with a dedicated CALL authoring program, but multipurpose authoring packages require a considerable degree of ICT expertise in order to get the best results. An important factor to bear in mind at an early stage is graphic design. A program may be very well designed content-wise and it may run very smoothly, but it will fail to achieve its aim if careful graphic design is not taken into account. They should be familiar with software tools for manipulating sound and video. Finally, it is highly desirable to seek the advice of an instructional designer. Developing a CALL package is more than just putting a text book into a computer.

As already indicated, team work is vital for the development of multimedia CALL packages. It consists of several discrete stages: e. This publication is essential reading for anyone considering embarking upon a CALL development project. Hull: The TELL Consortium, University of Hull. The ICT4LT project gratefully acknowledges the TELL Consortium for permission to reproduce the key points of the document in sections 3. Ana Gimeno-Sanz and is concerned mainly with the functionality of multimedia courseware.

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