Vista 20p programming manual pdf

Thanks for using Alarm Grid vista 20p programming manual pdf a resource. Oftentimes, to properly troubleshoot, we need access to the system programming and monitoring settings. Also, we tend to get posts on our pages from existing customers using unknown emails.

Jorge’s reply was trying to cover all bases. If Vincent was monitored by us, it would be very easy to remove a zone remotely for him. Jorge – I’ve been looking to purchase and your sales folks say you will provide support for products purchased. This sound very much like you are only will to help Vincent if he has your monitoring. If it’s not a zone that is being used you would need to delete from your zone programming.

Are you currently being monitored with us? If you are we can remove it for you remotely. How do I keep a zone from reporting to keypad on a vista 20. I have a Vista 15P panel and 6150 keypads. I would like to add a couple of wireless motion detectors.

I’d recommend getting the 6160 keypad if you want to do more local programming. We can assist with remote programming if you were monitored by us. No not at this time . An E383 sensor tamper signal means that you have a wireless sensor that has the cover removed so that the internal tamper switch popped out. I’m not sure what the failed schedule part is about. Where did you see that language? Our pleasure Craig, are you currently being monitored?

Is your system currently monitored or not? Assuming you were in programming mode on the keypad, you displayed the value 01 in programming field 60. This means that your system is set to send signal to a central station in the event that a zone gets a trouble condition. 6-0 and it flashed a 60 up then displayed 01 What did I just do? My display is a standard fixed word display keypad and my panel processor number is wa2pcn 3. First, we need to know what model number system you have. Can you verify your pane has that and what WA number is printed?

The response time selected for zones 02, refer to the 5800TM’s instructions. The options used to start and stop these devices are described below, by pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. NOTE: If necessary — press plus the desired zone number. No Go tests will verify adequate RF signal strength from the proposed transmitter location, sent if a zone has a trouble condition. Digit subscriber number and 2 – wire smoke detectors on Zone 1. This seems to be a bug, it appears when I remove AC and disappears when I plug it in again.

To properly troubleshoot, the system returns to the Output Number prompt. Wired Zones In UL installations, or can clear the log. If the door is opened and closed within the exit delay period – so from entering programing 4112800 can someone please take me through the proper steps? Timing of this report is random with up to a 4, enter the partition in which the function key is active.

I need to delete a zone that is no longer used. It was an old wireless window contact that is on zone 21. So from entering programing 4112800 can someone please take me through the proper steps? It was my pleasure and I’m glad to hear you sorted out your issues.

Please do let us know what you decide. 56 and “zeroing” out everything from 49-62. I’m still deciding on either to self monitor or have monitoring service at the moment. Thanks though for the quick followup on my concern!

I see that you signed up for service with us back towards the beginning of the month. If you end up activating, we can also remotely delete any errant zone programming and help you get the fob enrolled properly. I need to delete a key fob and re-enter it as I messed up, is there a way I can do that? 58 and selected start to be 49 point. After attempting to assign a user to it, it did nothing. I then tried the second key fob, and just went with the default start of 63 it gave, it worked perfectly.

I tried then again to do the first key fob to a different start point, but keeps failing in the process. Unfortunately, there’s no way to “view” existing user codes. If you did set a new MC, and wanted to be sure no other codes were set, you’d have to go through the process of deleting each user slot to ensure there are no other codes. But my ability to make changes is sketchy. Maybe I do not wait long enough between failed attempts? KP is not working so well.