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Please forward this error screen to 89. Jonathan Waller is an adaptable, proficient software developer in a wide variety of languages and methodologies. He sets and achieves high standards consistently, enjoying self development and learning new things. Jonathan is a strong team player, works well under pressure and is consumer-focused. From September 2008 onwards, I have been working full time as a public school teacher in Japan, and working on my own computing projects in the evenings. Maps the items you have input to related items and creates a “passion map” to derive new experiences you would be skilled in or passionate about. Creates new knowledge with a high probability of accuracy.

Technical part of a two person team. Built a recruitment website for experts skilled in SAP technologies. Companies and agencies could search for experts that met their requirements and availability dates and contact them, while keeping Design Assured informed for billing purposes. Small and large clients including LogicaCMG, Infosys, Deloitte Consulting, Honda Racing and Orange.

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Managed an extra developer and graphic designer. Created and maintained high-traffic content managed intranet and Internet sites for clients including George Wimpey, Laing Homes, Mazda, Jaguar and Land Rover. Used Sharepoint, MCMS, IIS, Active Directory and ASP. 3D physical solid-body simulation for novel hydrofoil design. Corresponded with customer by phone, e-mail and on-site visits. Worked on heuristic web-based CV-matching package for job applicants and recruitment consultants. Created a selection of programs to accelerate workflow.

These were used extensively by co-workers. Corresponded with customers, by phone and over email to solve problems and queries. Followed a balanced course practising Japanese reading, writing, speaking and listening. Took units to prepare for level 2 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. Final Project: Modular visualisation and analysis tool for tool for Atomic Force Microscopy.

Discovered teamwork is more than dividing work, but can be a remarkable force if done right. Included units in IT Business Strategy, E-Commerce, Automated Decision Support and Formal Methods. Qualified for specialisations in both Software Engineering and Advanced Applications. Included units in Business, Law and Ethics. Final Project: Multi platform OpenGL Online Collaborative Environment.

Corresponded with manager from Heathrow Airport to perform system analysis for planned air-traffic control upgrade. Developed teamwork and project management skills. Skilled technical writer and improving creative writer. Work on commercial database-backed web applications. Variety of programs, including some which use OpenGL. Created software to drive external “twinkling light” unit. Created 3D marine physics simulation and extensible inter-atomic distortion research tool.