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You’ve reached a retired site page. PBS no longer has the rights to distribute the content that had been provided on this page. Stay Connected to PBS Subscribe to our Previews newsletter for a sneak peek at your favorite programs. Check Out PBS Video Watch local and national programs from anywhere at anytime. Films such as Apollo 13, Armageddon, and The Martian depict NASA’s Mission Control Center as a place of high stress and nail-biting suspense.

But what’s it really like to work there? According to NASA Vehicle Systems Engineer Holly Griffith, who worked as a flight controller for the Space Shuttle Electrical Power System at the Johnson Space Center from 2004 until 2012, people are often surprised to learn how young most flight controllers are. That youth can be a big asset when it comes to working the long hours required of the job. It’s not so much that NASA specifically recruits young people for the job, interviewees say, as that young people are more likely to apply.

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GETTING THEIR JOB IS NO EASY FEAT. Some flight controllers earn additional degrees in business or communications, which may help prepare them for the job’s high level of cooperation and demanding team management responsibilities. Once they get their foot in the door at NASA, aspiring flight controllers must complete up to a year of rigorous training. COMMUNICATION SKILLS CAN MAKE OR BREAK THEM. Forget the stereotype of a nerdy scientist who doesn’t speak or interact well with others.

While flight controllers are first and foremost engineers, responsible for applying an enormous amount of technical knowledge, good communication skills are equally important. We were set up in the room by our systems, and if something in the power system fails that cuts power to a fan in the environmental system, I may need to be able to explain higher-up electrical concepts to the environmental person and they will need to tell me why it’s important that we get the fan back ASAP. THEY SPEND A LOT OF TIME DOING PAPERWORK. NASA flight controller Robert Frost writes on Quora. Their job is to continuously monitor that data, and make sure each piece of equipment is working as it should be. That way, Mission Control on the ground stays connected to what’s going on up above. Even then, “we’re always doing paperwork—we’re constantly keeping a log,” Griffith says.