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How does it feel to watch them? What would you like to do? 351513007″,”qtitle”:”What would apply to an original piece of art such as a song or movie script? What would apply to an original piece of art such as a song or movie script? Would you like to merge this question into it?

Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it? Who_should_I_submit_movie_scripts_to”,”content_title”:”Who should I submit movie scripts to? What_is_the_origin_of_art”,”content_title”:”What is the origin of art? What is the origin of art? It pretty much started when cavemen painted on walls. But if you are talking about contemporary art, it started around the Renaissance when artists broke away from their low societal positions in only painting church-commissioned bible scenes and began to express their individual emotions rather than just illustrating the bible.

How_do_you_write_a_movie_script”,”content_title”:”How do you write a movie script? How do you write a movie script? Art most likely originated out of a necessity for early man to more accurately express and convey his ideals and emotions. I believe that the first real substantial evidence of this theory was found In the 1940’s. How_can_you_make_a_good_movie_script”,”content_title”:”How can you make a good movie script? How can you make a good movie script? Two key elements to creating a good film script: Creativity and Research.

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