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Jews see being Jewish as more a matter of ancestry, culture and they say i say chapter 2 pdf than of religious observance. To be sure, there are big differences among Jews about what it means to be Jewish.

For instance, Orthodox Jews generally attach much more importance to the religious elements of being Jewish. And for Jews by religion, caring about Israel is much more central than it is for Jews of no religion. There also are vast differences between Jews by religion and Jews of no religion in their level of involvement in Jewish organizations, in their self-reported ability to speak and understand Hebrew, and in their approach to child rearing. In all of these areas, Jews by religion are much more connected to their Jewish heritage than are Jews of no religion. Not all Jews who identify with a denominational movement or stream are members of synagogues. One-in-ten or fewer Jews ages 50 and older describe themselves as Orthodox Jews.

Jewish as very important in their lives. A third of Jews under age 30 say being Jewish is very important to them. Far fewer Jews of no religion share these sentiments. Large majorities in all of the major Jewish movements express pride in being Jewish. More older Jews than younger Jews say they feel a strong sense of belonging to the Jewish people. Differences among the age groups are smaller on the questions about pride in being Jewish and caring for Jews in need. Married Jews who have Jewish spouses feel more connected to and responsible for other Jews as compared with Jews who are married to non-Jews.

What Does it Mean to be Jewish? Jewish is mainly a matter of religion. Orthodox Jews are more apt than other Jews to say that being Jewish is mainly a matter of religion. The survey asked Jews whether each of nine attributes and activities is essential to what being Jewish means to them, is important but not essential, or is not an important part of what it means to be Jewish. Holocaust is an essential part of what being Jewish means to them.

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