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In an interview, Botolo said he was aware of the negotiations between the two sides, but requested for more time to respond to questions on the matter. But Menon exclusively told The Nation that while there was no investment proposal or mine development plan from the Indian Government, New Delhi has requested Lilongwe to provide a technical report on the matter. Paladin and Malawi government reject request to disclose water monitoring data of Kayelekera uranium mine: According to a report the wise man’s fear free pdf BBC News Jan. Watch BBC News video , Jan.

Eight Tanzanians were arrested in December for allegedly going to Kayelekera Uranium mine without government consent. They were charged with criminal trespassing charge and other related charges. Penal Code and Section 2 of Mines and Minerals Act. Masoaphambe said he will pass his sentence on April 12. H-testing-paper as pieces of evidence – proofed to be completely unsubstantiated after the Director of Mines in the Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining, called as a witness by the state prosecutor, confessed in court on 22. The court case has been postponed 8 times, and the final ruling was postponed twice for three weeks each time.

Download: Report on 8 Tanzanian Environmental and Human Rights Defenders arbitrarily detained in Malawi since 22. Download: Report on the continuation of court case against 8 Tanzanians detained in Malawi, on 13. Tanzania to issue an ultimatum to Malawian government to release them. The organisations have also called on the government of Malawi to stop mistreating the eight Tanzanians in prison and postponing their case unnecessarily saying the rule of law should be strictly observed. Flaviana Charles, TBHRO Executive Director, said a team of lawyers from TBHRO and their counterparts in Malawi investigated the matter for three weeks since December 29, and found that the Tanzanians were being mistreated. She told a news conference in the commercial capital Dar es Salaam that the detained Tanzanians were being denied private communication with families and lawyers. View: “HUMAN RIGHTS 3000” Working Group uranium-network.

Release of 8 Tanzanian Cooperants detained in Malawi, Jan. View: Continued detention of eight Tanzanian environmental defenders, and intimidatory acts against their lawyers , Jan. Media reports from Malawi last week alleged that authorities in that country had arrested eight Tanzanian ‘spies’ near the Kayerekera Uranium Mine. In the press statement yesterday, which refuted the claims of Tanzania sending spies to Malawi, the government said it was working through its High Commission in Lilongwe to address the matter as the eight Tanzanians are still remanded in Mzuzu Prison in that country.

According to media reports from Malawi, the eight Tanzanians were arrested on suspicion that they were sent by the government of Tanzania to find out whether Malawi was making nuclear weapons from the uranium mine. After the reports emerged, the ministry, through our High Commission in Malawi, made a follow-up and established the truth that the arrested Tanzanians worked for CARITAS Tanzania in Songea. The Tanzanians were arrested by security agencies at Karonga District in Malawi, which borders Kyela District in Tanzania. They are now being charged with criminal trespass. According to the Secretary General of the Moravian Church, Rev Leman Jere who led the group, the development was a surprise to them. We already agreed with the Kayerekera officials before the day but we were flabbergasted to see that the Malawi Immigration department blocked the students saying it was because of security issues,” said Jere. 18, 2016, Paladin clarified that an overflow occured from a rainfall runoff water catchment pond, while the freeboard levels of the tailings dam remain within the approved operating design criteria.

But Paladin Africa Limited counter argues that it commenced the release of the treated waste in compliance with the licence criteria set by the Malawi government and also World Health Organisation drinking water guidelines for uranium content. The sampling showed, in particular, elevated uranium concentrations in the water of the Champhanji creek which flows from the open pit mine to the Sere river. L is more than 40 times higer, indicating an impact of the then operating uranium mine. 6 km downstream from the confluence with Sere River, a still elevated value of 42. These findings are particularly disturbing in view of Paladin’s initial intention to run the mine as a zero-discharge operation. Download: Impact of the Kayelekera uranium mine, Malawi, by Bruno Chareyron, EJOLT Report No. Before departure, the CSOs requested that a checklist be produced to guide the visitors to the mine.