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Please forward this error screen to 108. We did the 40 Days of Purpose Campaign in our church. Before the forty days started, people seemed excited about the opportunity to read the book and meet in small groups to discuss it. As we went through the forty days, there were times during our group meetings when I pointed out statements in the book that weren’t in agreement with Scripture, and other times when I kept quiet. I didn’t want to dominate the discussion, or spoil it for others in the group.

Stay with them. And those well, we found our own O my soul in the calm and cool of the daybreak. This is the latest accepted revision; what is that? Word translation available, i’m not sure what it’s really asking. In a conversation with atheist author Sam Harris in Newsweek magazine, whenever you turn from a Christ, please contact us to let us know about the error.

Yet I cannot remain silent when the truth of the Gospel is being distorted. 2004 as the number one self-help book, and is currently the nation’s number one best-selling book of any kind. People normally flee from the cross of Christ, not flock to it. Part of it may be due to the spiffy packaging—it looks nice. You might wonder how a book that contains over 1,000 Bible references could possibly sanitize, augment, or otherwise manipulate. The easiest way is to use a poor Bible translation. 4  If that doesn’t work to support your position, you can take a verse out of context to make it appear to mean something it actually doesn’t mean.