The gentle art of verbal self defense pdf

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If you don’t have the Reader it is available for installation at www. PDF to an email in which you will have to complete and send via your default email account. Please note that classes may be cancelled due to low enrollment. Verbal Judo is the top rated communication course in the country with over 1,000,000 graduates world-wide. This life changing training is an opportunity for organizations, departments, schools and families to learn valuable skills to prevent and respond to emotionally charged situations. Thank you for the opportunity to be a student in the Verbal Judo class. The training was inspirational and direct.

It provided new tools for me to use in the day to day communication challenges of a hotel sales person. Your presentation provided valuable information, and your delivery of the material was excellent. Thank you for your commitment to us. I hope we have the opportunity to work together again in the future. Coaching the Champions’ program for our shipboard and shore side management. Your presentation in Verbal Judo made our training compelling and relevant.

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Your enthusiasm from beginning to end helped escalate the ratings to make the summer training a huge success. For the last thirty years of his eclectic life, George J. Contact us and learn how to effectively redirect behavior rather than react to a person’s attitude, diffuse difficult situations, and generate voluntary compliance. Are we victims of how people think? Please forward this error screen to 216.

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