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These IBA vests are not equipped with the optional deltoid and side panel protectors. 1990s to the late 2000s. The IBA system consists of its core component: the outer tactical vest, which can optionally be worn with a throat protector, groin protector, and bicep protector. The latter three auxiliary protectors are removable from the main vest, which can the christian in complete armor pdf worn alone.

It was used by most of the U. 2000s, and was even seeing limited use as late as 2015 among some National Guard units. IBAs still in service with the Army National Guard and U. IBA is still used by the U. Navy for sailors aboard its warships as of 2017.

Though the IBA has been mostly replaced in U. As such, the IBA, which has been in production since the late 1990s, is scheduled to be produced by the U. 2020, for sale to foreign customers. These two parts of the vest are both bullet and heat resistant. This allows a soldier to tailor-fit his MOLLE and body armor system. Originally the IBA system weighed 16. These new systems are becoming the standard for forward deployed troops.

The E-SAPI plates offer increased protection from 7. Protector, and provide for additional protection from fragmentary and projectiles to the upper arm and underarm areas. Marine wearing a coyote-brown OTV and an additional corporal full protection called “Quadgard IV”. This kind of protection was used by turret gunners during the Iraq War, to protect them against small arms fire and fragmentation. IBA to increase magazine and ease equipment carrying capacity, though it is not part of the IBA system proper. Tier 2 Pelvic Protection System” that was issued to U.

The vest will stop lower velocity fragments and has removable neck, throat, shoulder, extended back and groin protection. Additionally, two ceramic plates may be added to the front and back of the vest, with each capable of stopping up to three hits from the round marked on the plate. For SAPI, this is a caliber of up to 7. For ESAPI, this is a caliber of up to 30-06 M2 AP. This performance is only guaranteed when backed by the Interceptor vest, or any other soft armor which meets military requirements for protection.

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SAPI and ESAPI are the most technically advanced body armor fielded by the U. A linguistic interpreter in June 2002 wearing a DCU-patterned IBA in Afghanistan. Army mortar crew in 2006 wearing the IBA in the ACU camouflage pattern. 1990s, and a contract for production was awarded to DHB Industries’ Point Blank Body Armor, Inc. The Interceptor vest comes in a number of fabric variants. Quickly, a coyote-brown variant was made for the USMC.

Marines used OTV in both woodland and coyote-brown camouflages in Iraq and Afghanistan. Later versions of the IBA vest made in the mid-to-late 2000s and the 2010s feature hook-and-loop “Velcro” fasteners on the front for nametapes and rank patches, whereas older models from the early 2000s did not. 300 million was earmarked for body armor. IBA vests are still being made today, primarily for the U. 2008 and are scheduled to be made until April 2020. IBA vests in the woodland and desert camouflage patterns and coyote brown color scheme were being made as late as early 2014.

On May 10, 2006, the U. Army announced it was holding an open competition for companies to design an entirely new generation of body armor “to improve on and replace” the Interceptor. The Army said it wanted ideas from companies by May 31. Investigators expressed concern that the vests might not be adequate to protect troops. After initially using the OTV as their main body armor system, the U.

The MTV provides greater coverage, superior weight distribution, and additional features including as a quick-release system. Other Navy personnel on Individual Augmentee assignments use the Army’s body armor systems. Since January 2009, the U. Marine Corps is seeking for replacements for both MTV and SPC that are commonly issued. The MTV has received top ratings by many U. Marines have complained about minor elements of it and an updated version will soon be released which deals with these elements.