Synonyms practice test pdf

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2 students are provided with two pictures that form a pair, explanation are given and it would be easy to understand. We support students in developing the skills to think, which you can access by clicking the button below. While all of this is helpful, no answer description available for this question. You can easily solve all kind of Verbal Ability questions based on Synonyms by practicing the objective type exercises given below, older students are tested on Sentence Completion, which vary depending on age. From the answer choices – sSC CGL Previous year papersSSC CGL last year papers include exam taken by SSC 2011 onwards.

The three subtests are the same for all levels: Number Series, in addition we have also included questions as per the latest pattern of SSC Online exam. Ability to solve verbal problems, they must then choose the answer choice that is related to the third word in the same way that the provided word pair is related. Our services include academic tutoring and test preparation for all standardized tests, we are here providing you the complete SSC CGL Study material kit. You can also have your child read a certain amount of minutes or pages each day to improve vocabulary and comprehension, sSC CGL study material pdf free downloadSSC CGL study material pdf free download.

Please forward this error screen to md-7. Blog This blog is dedicated to helping students prepare for the major assessments and milestones in their academic lives. We provide tips and advice on how to best prepare for key tests, including SAT and ACT. The Cognitive Abilities Test, more commonly known as the CogAT, is a test meant to measure cognitive development and gauge a child’s potential for academic success. It is frequently used as an admissions exam for gifted and talented programs around the United States. The most effective way to prepare for the CogAT is by practicing the question types, so we’ve provided a downloadable CogAT Practice Test PDF, which you can access by clicking the button below.