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Please forward this error screen to 198. Please forward this error screen to 208. Civil War Veteran Surrender your love pdf Medallions by Gary W. The Civil War touched nearly every family in the United Sates in so many ways.

It is the costliest war in terms of death toll in United States history. While precise numbers are debated or even nonexistent, it is generally accepted that over 600,000 casualties resulted from the Civil War. The sacrifices were not easily forgotten by either side, and tributes to fallen soldiers and veterans prevail, even to today. One of the honors afforded the veterans, whether killed in the war or veterans who died much later was the placement of a veteran medallion on their grave.

A wide variety of medallion designs can be seen. The lodge number can lead you to the lodge name and location by checking the lodge list on a Library of Congress web page. Here are a few designs, some national, one a Kansas lodge and a replacement design. While not as numerous, Variations of CSA medallions are found also. Multiple emblems on some medallions pay tribute to different branches of the GAR. The GAR Medal was modeled after the Medal of Honor,authorized by Congress in 1866, and initially awarded for meritorious and gallant conduct.

The GAR Medal was awarded to all Union Veterans. The basic grave medallion design came from the original GAR Medal. The five points and the branch insignia in each point were copied into the grave marker design. Sadly, many original medallions have been stolen. Several companies sell replica markers, some quite nice in bronze or aluminum. I have two civil war veterans in my ancestor lineage. The first image below is the grave of Capt.

He died in 1892, and was a veteran of the Tennessee Volunteers. The next gravestone and emblem mark the grave of Allen Baggett, one of my G-Grandfathers. Interestingly, he married the daughter of the above Mathew Cagle: America Cagle. Allen served in the 56th Illinois Infantry. His original medallion was stolen some years back, and a replacement now graces his site. An older picture, taken in 1996, shows the original bronze marker.

Allen Baggett’s original GAR marker in 1996. Irreplaceable as a historic item, this was one of the original designs. Some medallions contain the letters F C L. These were the GAR’s objectives: Fraternity, Charity, Loyalty. These letters are frequently seen on various medals, medallions, and other objects.

The Library of Congress has a great set of pages on the GAR. These include a list of most lodges and their number. This may help identify some GAR markers as some include lodge numbers. The Introduction link on the main page gives a nice summary of the establishment and history of the GAR. There are several replacement marker sources. I have not conducted business with any of these, have no relationship, and am not endorsing them.

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