Sound blaster audigy 2 zs manual pdf

ML 1640 در اینجا موجود هست : اینجا کلیک کنید. ۲۰۱۴ sound blaster audigy 2 zs manual pdf ۱۰۰۶ مسئله این است.

DELL Vostro 1510 برای ویندوز ۷ ! Recording Equipment Creative 202 Owner’s Manual Usb 2. Recording Equipment Creative E-MU 0202 Getting Started Manual Usb 2. Page 2: Minimum System Requirements, Registering Your Product Registering Your Product Registering your product ensures you receive the most appropriate service and product support available. You can register your product during installation or at www.

Please note that your warranty rights are not dependent on registration. Page 4 About Your Hardware Refer to the Quick Start leaflet for instructions on setting up your audio device. To learn more about your product, refer to the section below. Your Audio Device Your USB audio device has these jacks and connectors to enable the attachment of a wide variety of devices. Page 5 Note: When devices are connected to mobile-in and line-in simultaneously, the device connected to the mobile-in has higher priority. Using display indicators and control dials Your USB audio device has the following indicators and control dials to adjust and monitor operational status.

Page 6: Connecting To A Computer Setting Up Your Audio Device Connecting to a Computer Connect your USB audio device to a computer using the Micro-USB to USB cable provided. The power indicator will light up in red once the device is properly connected. Plug in your headphones or speakers to the device and experience the power of Sound Blaster with all your audio and music played from your computer. A6U using the 4-pole analog cable provided. To power up the USB audio device, connect an external power source, e. 5V 1A USB power adapter to the USB port.

Page 8: Playing Music Using Your Audio Device Your audio device works seamlessly with many external devices. Page 11 Singing Karaoke To play karaoke music from external sources like computer or mobile device, connect the audio source to the USB port or mobile-in jack of the audio device. Headphones Note: When headphones and a line-out device are connected simultaneously, audio will output to the headphones. For more information on configuring the software for live instruments recording, refer to Using the Creative Software Suite – Microphone Settings. Page 14 Recording Music on a Mobile Device Component 4-pole analog cable Headset jack Microphone Clip Microphone Guitar Headphones Attaching a Clip Microphone to a Guitar 1.

Mount the clip microphone on the rim of the guitar’s sound hole. Adjust the gooseneck microphone to your preferred position. Podcasting To do online streaming or broadcasting, connect your computer or mobile device to the USB port or mobile-in jack. CD player to the line-in jack for music input. To complete the installation, follow the instructions on the screen. Using your web browser, visit www. Download this package into your local hard disk.