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Smartform to PDF file format and download Smartform as PDF is an easy method compared with printing SAP output document to spool and emailing the spool file to your email address within spool transaction SP01. Smartform output as PDF file to your local computer, first display SAP Smartform output in Preview mode. I’m going to use VA03 screen to display SAP Order Confirmation output for a sample sales order. Issue Output To” on VA03 screen after you provide a sales order number. Choose an output message from list.

When SAP Smartform output is displayed on screen for the selected sales order, invoice, delivery note, etc. Enter to execute Smartform to PDF conversion code. This SAP transaction will open PDF Preview screen displaying SAP Smartform output for the related SAP document as seen in below screenshot. If you hower over the PDF Preview screen, a list of buttons will appear which we are familier from PDF documents. These PDF buttons enable SAP user save Smartform output as PDF file to your local folders or print Smartform document directly as PDF file.

During save or print process the conversion from Smartform to PDF is done in PDF! A password will be e-mailed to you. In our first tutorial on Adobe Form, we showed the steps to create our basic form and the driver program. One of our readers asked for configuration steps of driver program and adobe form. Question from our reader: Can u please explain where we will configure the driver program and associated adobe form name, to trigger in any transaction?

Under PDF-Smartform Form, we can configure the adobe form. In the previous part, we saw how we can display a variable. In actual projects, we hardly have a requirement where we need to display only one field. Today, we will learn how to create tables in Adobe Form.

Broadly speaking there are two ways to create the tables in Adobe Form. The designer knows that you are working with tables. Designer allows selecting rows or columns, to simultaneously resize a column. If we deactivate the fields in the context, it will be difficult to use if needed in the form anywhere. The subform is part of the form which is used for organizing the different elements like input fields, tables, texts present body pages and rarely master pages. In other words, Subform is nothing but a group of elements. If we want to group certain elements on the layout we can use subform and wrap them into it.