Refrigeration and air conditioning technology 5th edition pdf download

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Tip: You can put any type of content in the following section. Latest TC Activities If you would like to get involved in this TC’s activities you can contact the appropriate Point of Contact in the TC 9. To Members and Parties Interested in SSPC 90. This addendum deletes the definition of alteration from Section 3 of Standard 90. 4, thereby reverting to the definition of alteration in Standard 90.

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This addendum clarifies the exception in Section 6. 2 that addresses the case where existing HVAC systems and equipment serve an addition, and adds parallel criteria to Section 8. Past presentations given at the ASHRAE annual and winter meetings are now available. They can be found on the Documents page under the ‘Other Publications’ section. You are invited to attend this TC 9. 9 online meeting to hear the latest update from TC 9. International callers can find an in-country number dial-in number in this document.

This is only a phone conference with no online presentations. 4-2016, Energy Standard for Data Centers, establishes the minimum energy efficiency requirements of data centers for design and construction and for creation of a plan for operation and maintenance, and for utilization of on-site or off-site renewable energy resources. Calculations of the MLC and ELC are made and then compared to the maximum allowable values shown in the standard based on climate zones. 4 is achieved when the calculated values do not exceed the values contained in the standard. An alternative compliance path is provided that allows tradeoffs between the MLC and ELC.