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With our third annual conference in San Francisco, we want to explore strategies for breaking out: leaving behind generic designs and smelly code base. We want to find out the why, and the how of outstanding and fast experiences, and what we all need to know today, to be more productive and make smarter decisions tomorrow. One track, two conference days, 14 brilliant speakers, and just 500 pretty much everything draplin pdf seats.

We can’t wait to meet you there already! Everything is better with more cats! 50 off all tickets with your Membership — you’re on fire today! 100 off all tickets with your Membership — you totally deserve a raise! Using scientific proof and state-of-the-art multimedia techniques, Aaron James Draplin of the Draplin Design Co. CSS Layout Grid is a game-changer.

But what strategy makes most sense when building layouts today? Following along with practical examples, you’ll learn how Grid works, and how it can be used to implement modern layouts and responsive designs. A comprehensive design system is a critical tool for maintaining a consistent UI during rapid development that spans multiple codebases. In this talk, Mina will share successes and failures from nearly two years at Hillary for America, including creating CSS architecture and implementing a redesign of the main website. What exactly is the perfect design?

Well, that’s what you will find out in the session. We’ll look at the three aspects that define the perfect design and how you can make it work in your projects. Trent will share recent experiences and explore ways to evaluate and discuss the inclusion of 3rd-party scripts. Optimizing sites to load instantly on mobile is far from trivial. Thankfully there’s a lot we can do to give our users a MUCH better loading experience.

She will showcase and talk about her cross cultural design practices for global companies and organizations, such as Disney Shanghai, NYU Shanghai, Twitter, Cre8 Summit, 500 Startups, the Dumpling Emoji Project and so on. Media queries have always been a cornerstone of responsive design but the role of media queries is changing. It’s now possible to make websites with responsive properties that are not tied to specific breakpoints. Learn how to use fluid typography, responsive SVG, adaptive flexbox components, CSS grid and custom properties to create unique responsive solutions that go beyond media queries. Kate is a designer and director that approaches each project applying logic to the problem and a passion to the solution. She’ll be sharing an insight into how she works, some of the experiences she’s encountered over the years and how she approaches some of the more challenging aspects of these experiential projects. Claudio is passionate about interactive design, emotional experiences and helping others to achieve more through his work.

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Over the years his work has been awarded by the Emmy Awards, the One Show Interactive, the European Design Awards, TheFWA and Awwwards. Modern CSS gives us the ability to set type for a dynamic medium, which is something relatively new, and requires us to look at typography with a fresh perspective. The design and presentation of data is just as important as the underlying algorithm, and designers have an urgent role to play in crafting the emerging generation of AI interfaces. Designer Josh Clark explores a rich trove of examples—at once entertaining and sobering—to unearth design principles for creating responsible machine-learning applications.

Learn to use AI as design material in your everyday work. Vue is uniquely friendly to all levels of web developers. In this workshop we’ll explore the design process in detail including user research, sketching, and visual design. Have you ever felt like a design you’re working on just isn’t feeling right but you can’t figure out why? Then this crash-course workshop in graphic design can help make the difference to your design skills. The Downtown Campus of San Francisco State University is unlike any campus we’ve seen before. Just send us an email to Markus and we’ll be back ASAP.

We’ll explore how designers and developers work, design and build and how they approach problems strategically. Think of it as a playbook with handy rules of thumb for your next projects: it can’t get more practical than this. Take a look at some of the videos from previous events, and check out some of the photos—The Smashing community is truly smashing, fun, inclusive and a delight to be a part of! No worries, we’ve got your back! We know that you will not be disappointed.

The Conference will be held at the Palace of Fine Arts, a fully wheelchair accessible, renovated theatre located in the Presidio area of San Francisco, CA at 3301 Lyon Street. Dietary requirement-compliant, healthy, nutritious food will be served throughout the day. The lobby area is flat, while the theater is on an ADA compliant rake, with multiple areas for those who require mobility assistance. Anyone with mobility, hearing or vision concerns can reserve seats. Our bathrooms are multi-stall and handicap accessible.