Operations with rational and irrational numbers worksheet pdf

This page provides links to support the teaching of some of the new topics in A Level Mathematics. More general resources are featured at the bottom of the page. My list of the main operations with rational and irrational numbers worksheet pdf to the specification is not exhaustive. Some of the topics listed might have featured in previous specifications, but not for all exam boards.

I’ve categorised topics as ‘Year 12’ and ‘Year 13’ as a guide, but timings will differ by school. Free resources are listed for each new topic. This page is work in progress and will be updated regularly. I do recommend them if you have access. Additional inequalities resources are available in my AS Core library. Understand and use proportional relationships and their graphs.

Year 13: The modulus of a linear function. They should be able to use their graph. Additional graphing resources are available in my AS Core library. Year 13: Understand and use the standard small angle approximations of sine, cosine and tangent.

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What do functions do for tiny x? Year 12: Differentiation from first principles for small positive integer powers of x. Year 13: Second derivative’s connection to convex and concave sections of curves and points of inflection. Year 13: Differentiation from first principles for sin x and cos x.