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Death sells, for the reason that it is the big unavoidable. Morticians and those who sell burial plots are getting ready to go through their biggest up cycle ever as the baby boomers start cashing it in. Seems like some very bright people have figured out a way for you to make money on your life insurance before you die. No, it does not involve being placed into a time machine and being teleported to some future date right after you’ve been lowered into the ground where you collect on your own policy and then get zapped back to the present where you can spend it.

It doesn’t involve you faking your death, either. Nope, these very bright people have figured out a way for you to make money on your own death before you die, in a way that doesn’t involve fraud or teleporting. To the contrary, they will show you how to create vast amounts of cash – hundreds of thousands of dollars if not more – seemingly out of thin air without you having to do much than take a medical, signs some forms, receive the check, and then of course at some future date die at your leisure. The one sure thing about anything this good is that it is sure to get a bunch of other folks all riled up, and indeed this strategy has of late come under some serious scrutiny with some other very bright people claiming that there are some significant and hidden downsides to the strategy. You can’t get something for nothing?

If it is too good then it is not true? Somewhere between the very bright people who claim that you can make money off your death before you die, and the very bright people who claim that you can’t, lies the truth. To find that truth you must first understand the concept of a “life settlement”, and to understand that, you must understand what its immediate predecessor, the “viatical settlement” are all about. Let’s say that you are diagnosed with a terminal illness, such as serious cancer or AIDS, but you don’t have sufficient money for treatment or even to keep yourself comfortable until you die. But let’s say that you do have a life insurance policy, although in such a case you’ll find that it does you pitiful little good until you do cash it in. So, you find somebody who will buy your insurance policy now at some reduced value, knowing that very shortly they will be able to cash it in. When you die, the investors know that your life insurance policy will now pay them as the named beneficiaries, so they will get the money that they paid you for the policy plus some.

200,000 for it and you name them the beneficiaries of the policy. 50,000 per year return – although this will be a pre-tax profit and income taxes will be owed on it. The fly in the ointment for investors is of course that you might outlive your physician’s prognosis, meaning that when the Angel of Death came for you at the appointed time you told him to take a hike and don’t come back until much later. This danger, from the investors’ view, arises primarily from advances in medical technology.

What might have been sure death a couple of years ago, might become defeatable or at least put into long term remission. Such was the case with many of the AIDS patients. As medical technology progressed, some of the patients start living longer while with others the AIDS went into remission altogether and they are still alive. Doubtless, there are few investors out there who have been waiting a couple of decades now to cash in on the life insurance policies that they long-ago bought, and there probably are not just a few cases where the AIDS victims have now outlived the investors in their policies. Eventually, the same thing started happening with cancer patients who also refused to cash in their chips at the appointed time, and investors were no longer willing to take anything but the very worst cases, where no advance in medical technology was going to make a difference.

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