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Grabowsky Motor Vehicle Company in 1900 and changed its name to Rapid in 1902. GM acquired a controlling interest of Rapid in 1908 and the remaining parts in 1909. 1902 and GM bought a controlling interest of the company in 1908. GMC were producing both electric and gasoline trucks and the full line were badged as GMC by 1912 and all truck production was moved to Pontiac, Michigan. A new line of trucks designed by GMCT was introduced in 1914.

Electric truck production ended in 1916. Trucks and busses started to roll of a new 1. 25 million square feet assembly plant in 1928. GMC started production of its own engines in 1931. Chevrolet built cabs were used on GMC trucks from 1931.

Eight different displacement inline 6-cylinder engines were designed and GMC built by 1933. GM bought Winton Engine Company in 1930, a producer of diesel engines and formed Detroit Diesel Engine Division in 1937. 4-wheel drive with 2-speed transfer case introduced in 1957. Many of the GMC vehicles are similar to Chevrolet’s except for different front and rear facias. Please email us brochures not shown on site. American automobile brand that started up as a automotive part supplier in 1900. Dodge produced parts and assemblies such as axles, chassis’, engines and transmissions, later on exclusively for Ford Motor Company.

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