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Learn Tulu Series, Hindi and Kannada Film reviews, Kannada and English Book reviews and photography. Books, Films, Travel, Culture and Life Hacks! You can now learn Tulu language in 7 days. Following is the day-wise plan to learn the Dravidian language in a week. Jay, Malayalam script has been adapted by ancient Tulu script. I live in Sweden and will be teaching a Swedish friend my language Tulu, and this website is a perfect point of reference. I am ecstatic to know that my posts are being used to teach our language Tulu to foreigners!

How far is ur house from water source? Are there animals n flies in ur house? This document provides the gist of international research, expert opinion and international linguistic situation. Tamil, Telugu, Maithili, Hindi and English from the above website. Please share it with others, if you find the document useful. It contains vital information relevant for the life and development of mother tongues and, more importantly, the role mother tongues play in development in general. I can send you the pdf copy if you provide your email.

You can also watch my three tv videos in Punjabi on youtube titled On medium of education with special reference to Punjabi qaumi masle episode 19, 20 and Situation of Languages and Language Policy in India – Talkshow with Prof. I will go through it. Can you be clear on what phrase you want to translate? Save As PDF, which will save the post as PDF file! Please follow the Learn tulu posts in this blog.

You will be speaking Tulu in a week’s time! Please mail me the pdf? I was searching for tulu learning tutorial everywhere. Hey dis is Janvi can you plz translate the sentence ‘I will be always there with you’ in Tulu ? Tulu translation for “I will be always with you” will be “yaan yepala ninnottugu uppuve”. I am working in mangalore and still I haven’t learnt tulu. I would like to learn tulu and I will be getting settled in mangalore permanently.

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