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Anim1754 – Flickr – NOAA Photo Library. Long and slender, the blue whale’lonely planet coastal california pdf body can be various shades of bluish-grey dorsally and somewhat lighter underneath. There are at least three distinct subspecies: B.

North Atlantic and North Pacific, B. Blue whales were abundant in nearly all the oceans on Earth until the beginning of the twentieth century. For over a century, they were hunted almost to extinction by whalers until protected by the international community in 1966. Sibbaldus, but this is not accepted elsewhere. There have been at least 11 documented cases of blue whale-fin whale hybrid adults in the wild. Arnason and Gullberg describe the genetic distance between a blue and a fin as about the same as that between a human and a gorilla.

The specific name musculus is Latin and could mean “muscle”, but it can also be interpreted as “little mouse”. Authorities classify the species into three or four subspecies: B. North Atlantic and North Pacific populations, B. The pygmy blue whale formed from a founder group of Antarctic blue whales about 20,000 years ago, around the Last Glacial Maximum. This is likely because blue whales were driven north by expanding ice, and some have stayed there ever since. The pygmy blue whale’s evolutionarily recent origins cause it to have a relatively low genetic diversity.

The blue whale has a long tapering body that appears stretched in comparison with the stockier build of other whales. The head is flat, U-shaped and has a prominent ridge running from the blowhole to the top of the upper lip. It is visible only briefly during the dive sequence. The head and tail fluke are generally uniformly grey. The whale’s upper parts, and sometimes the flippers, are usually mottled. The degree of mottling varies substantially from individual to individual.

Some may have a uniform slate-grey color, but others demonstrate a considerable variation of dark blues, greys and blacks, all tightly mottled. Blue whales most commonly live alone or with one other individual. It is not known how long traveling pairs stay together. In locations where there is a high concentration of food, as many as 50 blue whales have been seen scattered over a small area. They do not form the large, close-knit groups seen in other baleen species. The small dorsal fin of this blue whale is just visible on the far left.

The blue whale is the largest animal known to have ever lived. Blue whales are difficult to weigh because of their size. They were never weighed whole, but cut into blocks 0. Females are generally a few feet longer than males. However, males may be slightly heavier on average than females of the same length, owing to heavier muscles and bones.

Due to its large size, several organs of the blue whale are the largest in the animal kingdom. A blue whale’s tongue weighs around 2. A blue whale skull measuring 5. Blue whales feed almost exclusively on krill, though they also take small numbers of copepods. The species of this zooplankton eaten by blue whales varies from ocean to ocean.

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