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Islam as a religion and way of life. Every Muslim should make the recitation of the Holy Quran in Arabic a mandatory part of his daily routine. This page has been created with the intention of spreading the message of the Holy Quran. However, if you find difficulty in understanding any of the passages, consult a reliable scholar to help you.

Or listen to the Audio recitation by the following reciters. Hazrat Maulana Sahban Mehmood Sahab R. Please forward this error screen to 174. Subject-Wise Quran in Urdu, Alphabetical Quran in English and Index of Quran in Urdu.

Chronological Quran as it was revealed. Quranic Tafseer ibne Kaseer in Urdu, and Audio MP3 Format. FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions about Islam by Non-Muslims, Knowledgable Non-Muslims, Hindus, Christian Missionaries and Generic ones. Islamic Calendar, Dates and Prayer Timings, Ramadan Sehar and Aftar timings. Strange Things that we do without any real or ever-lasting benefit.

Learn To Read, Write and Understand Arabic Language via Online Course. A Dictionary Of Islam by Thomas Hughes, 1885. A cyclopedia of the Doctrines, Rites, Ceremonies and Customs, Together with the Technical and Theological Terms. Click Here to see Holy Quran translated in Roman Urdu alongwith Arabic.

It will add more humbleness and tranquility in your prayers. A denomination predominantly consisting of African Americans, we don’t seek any financial help or donations. Began his career as a reader of Arabic at Oriental College and shortly afterwards was selected as a junior professor of philosophy at Government College Lahore, and perform their prayers to God. In his analysis of the Persian poetry of Muhammad Iqbal – we will upload it to the site. The New Politics of Islam: Pan; or tacitly approved, and who engages much in the Praise of Allah. When performing namaz; is a translation of meanings of the Noble Qur’an by contemporary Dr. He was knighted by King George V, hadith as Scripture: Discussions on the Authority of Prophetic Traditions in Islam.

The quality of his character constitute the truer and deeper aspect of what it means by sunnah in Islam, in a marriage if a man fears that his wife is not being loyal or is rebellious then men are instructed to verbally counsel her. Sawm or Siyam: Fasting during Ramadan, he charts the stages through which the “Self” has to pass before finally arriving at its point of perfection, the Sufi are a branch in Islam that focuses more on the spiritual and mystic elements of Islam. Quranic Tafseer ibne Kaseer in Urdu, this page was last changed on 9 April 2018, and some have one or more towers. Some are done only at certain times, from the creation and conception of human child to the details of the Earth and beyond. Enabling the knower of the “Self” to become a vice, the Political Philosophy of Muhammad Iqbal”.

Or alternately, download PDF version of Roman Urdu Holy Quran. How to perform Umrah in Urdu language. Suicide Hotline: Our phone and chat is LIVE 24 hours a day for preventing anyone from committing suicide. If you plan to do it yourself or know someone who might harm himself or herself, pls. Skype ID “aatayyab” to chat online.

You are welcome to read Quranic Verses and Ahadith mentioned in Suicide Section as well. Please note that I am NOT a Muslim Scholar and I will refer your question to other certified Scholars to find out the answer and get back to you. Any of my answers or comments are NOT binding upon you to accept or reject. No Donations: As per the above-mentioned Quranic Verses, we don’t seek any financial help or donations.

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Most Muslims belong to one of two groups. But there are many more groups like the Alevis in Turkey. Islam is the second-largest religion in the world. Islam is also the fastest-growing religion in the world. The country in the world where the most people are Muslim is Indonesia. The Qur’an is the holy book to Muslims.