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Live6 Alliance and Jeremy Lewis is commercial corridor manager. With the resurging Livernois “Avenue of Fashion” and newfound interest in nearby corridors from businesses and developers, the University of Detroit Mercy’s economic let’s speed up pdf arm aims to shift from vision to implementation.

In its first major step of the transition, the nonprofit has hired a new executive director, Cecily King, and commercial corridor manager, Jeremy Lewis. King, 30, started at the helm of the nonprofit officially this week after working with the city of Detroit in 2015-17 as development director of the Housing and Revitalization Department. Lewis, 32, comes from the Detroit Regional Chamber, where he was director of the National Commerce Group Business Development since 2015. He grew up in the Green Acres community and attended nearby University of Detroit Jesuit High School.

The two new hires make a total of four full-time employees at the nonprofit, plus Michael Forsyth, co-owner of Detroit City Distillery in Eastern Market and original member of the alliance who will serve as a consultant through the transition. The shift to full-time executive leadership started in December after Live6 parted ways with Lauren Hood, who disagreed with the direction the nonprofit was taking. Detroit Mercy President Antoine Garibaldi has a clear vision — one he said is shared by students, residents and community stakeholders and looks a lot like the Avenue of Fashion and adjoining corridors during their heyday. We realized we did not want it to be all the same kinds of businesses and were looking for businesses that are diverse and are the kinds of businesses the neighbors might want,” Garibaldi said. You have a nice little main street and something of what Livernois used to be. King’s real estate experience and ability to talk with developers fit Garibaldi’s plan to speed up project implementation.

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King, a native of New Jersey, completed her undergraduate degree at Princeton University, earned a master’s degree of real estate development at Columbia University and a master’s degree of structural engineering at Lehigh University. I had had my eye on Detroit for a while,” she said. In the development world, there’s such a cool story in that it’s a historic city and a historically black city and I’m drawn to that. Live6 caught wind of King’s work in the city early on through projects such as the revitalization of the Fitzgerald neighborhood. The nonprofit began reaching out to her two years ago, so by the time she was ready to move on from the city she had a good idea of where she would land next.

I left the city because it was time and I wanted to pursue my own development and entrepreneurship aspirations,” King said. The vision and business side of the table is where I want to live. For at least the next few months, Forsyth is tasked with getting King and Lewis up to speed on all things revitalization in the neighborhood, which includes identifying what factors most threaten its recovery. One of the most glaring is lack of usable real estate. Many of the neighborhood’s buildings are blighted and abandoned. The risk and investment required to activate aging infrastructure scares off many potential business owners. It’s a supply side problem, not a demand problem,” Forsyth said.