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7 billion, the programme, which ran from 2007-2013, funded a range of exchanges, study visits, and networking activities. The programme also included the “Jean Monnet” actions, designed to stimulate teaching, reflection, and debate on European integration. Comenius The Comenius sub-programme focused on all levels of school education, as well as the individuals involved, including pupils, teachers, local authorities, and education institutions, among learning process questionnaire pdf. Erasmus The Erasmus sub-programme was a student exchange programme that provided opportunities for close to 3 million students between 1987-2013.

In addition to the 230,000 students who benefitted on an annual basis, Erasmus also provided opportunities for over 300,000 teachers and staff in higher education, with 4,000 institutions and 33 countries participating. A variety of statistics are also available on the Erasmus sub-programme. Grundtvig The Grundtvig sub-programme focused on the teaching and study needs of adult learners, as well as developing the adult learning sector in general. Jean Monnet The Jean Monnet sub-programme was a component of LLP focusing on European integration.

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These were complemented by conferences, thematic groups, and policy support within the Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture. Leonardo da Vinci The Leonardo da Vinci sub-programme funded practical projects in the field of vocational education and training. Initiatives ranged from those providing work-related training to individuals, to larger cooperation efforts. Attractiveness Overall impression of the product. Do users like or dislike it? Perspicuity Is it easy to get familiar with the product? Efficiency Can users solve their tasks with the product without unnecessary effort?