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But most of us have faced a common problem into thin air pdf download free downloading the PDF Generator is a tedious JOB and most of the attempt to download is failed for most of the person . Further ,If you have not registered you TAN on on TRACES then first register you TAN at Traces and start the procedure of download of Form 16A. The procedure to register your TAN at www.

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So Now you can not download your form 16A from TIN-NSDL website . Other feature that has been transferred to new site www. How to download Consolidated FVU from  www. This is the most tedious Job ,even we are not successful to download the same. Download PDF Generator after login . How to Install the PDF generator is provided in slide show given above.

The downloaded file is a zip file. Please make sure that you have the latest version of PDF generator. As of writing this blog, the version is 1. Digital signature option is not available in version 1. No spam allowed ,please do not waste your time by posting unnecessary comment Like ads of other site etc.