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Public sector innovation does not happen by itself: problems need to be identified, and ideas innovation and entrepreneurship book pdf into projects that can be tested, implemented and shared. To do so, public sector organisations must identify the processes and structures that can support and accelerate innovation.

This report looks at how governments can create an environment that fosters innovation. I am no longer writing a book. The Lean Startup Book is done. Yes, I also sent them a scanned PDF via Dropbox. I am incredibly proud of the result. If you’ve been waiting for a comprehensive account of the Lean Startup and how it can help you achieve dramatically better business results, this is it. The book contains tons of case studies.

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Some are from famous companies that you’ve heard of, like Dropbox or Groupon. Some are from obscure startups who you haven’t heard of — yet. And others are from unusual folks we don’t normally think of as entrepreneurs, from corporate managers to government agencies. But the book is much more than just stories.