Imax b6 charger manual pdf

Please forward this error screen to 69. Please forward this error screen to 69. All specifications and figures are subject to change without notice. Discharger All specifications and figures are imax b6 charger manual pdf to change without notice.

Page 2: Table Of Contents Program flow chart14 Lithium polymer balance charge program connection diagram. 18 Ultimate does require some knowledge on the part of the user. Page 3: Introduction INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTION Please read this entire operating manual completely and attentively before using this product, as it covers a wide range of information on operating and safety. Or please do use this product in company Connection Diagram with a specialist!

Page 4: Special Features Internal independent lithium battery balancer Set contents iMAX B6 Ultimate employs an individual-cell-voltage balancer. It isn’t necessary to connect an 1. MAX B6 Ultimate Charger external balancer for balance charging. XH Adaptor Balancing individual cells battery discharging 3. USB wire can be connected to this socket in order to link the charger to a PC. Page 6: Warning And Safety Notes WARNING AND SAFETY NOTES WARNING AND SAFETY NOTES These warnings and safety notes are particularly important.

Page 7 WARNING AND SAFETY NOTES WARNING AND SAFETY NOTES Never attempt to charge or discharge the following types of batteries. Page 8: Program Flow Chart WARNING AND SAFETY NOTES PROGRAM FLOW CHART Discharging The main purpose of discharging is to clean residual capacity of the battery, or to reduce the battery’ voltage to a defined level. The same attention should be paid to the discharging process as charging. Page 9: Lithium Polymer Balance Charge Program Connection Diagram CONNECTION DIAGRAM CONNECTING THE CHARGER IMAX B6 Ultimate comes with male 4mm Bullet connectors attached to the power INPUT cables.

The balance wire attached to the battery must be connected to the charger with the black wire aligned with IMAX B6 Ultimate will be operated with the default value of the essential user settings when it is connected the negative marking. Take care to maintain correct polarity! 12V battery for the first time. When you start a charge process, the integral safety timer automatically starts running at the same time. If voltage of any cell is abnormal, iMAX B6 Ultimate will show error message This screen shows the real-time status charging. Press BATT and terminate the program forcibly. NiMH battery This program charge the battery using the current you set up.

This program is only suitable for charging Pb lead-acid battery with nominal voltage from 2 to 24V. Page 17: Discharging Of The Pb Battery STORAGE DATA P ROGRAM Discharging of the Pb battery Storage data program For your convenience, iMAX B6 Ultimate has a data storage and load program. It can store ten Set up the discharge current on the left and nominal voltage on the right. Page 18: Load Data Program LOAD DATA P ROGRAM VARIOUS INFORMATION IN THE PROGRAM Various information in the program DEC INC You can inquire various information on the LCD screen during the charging and discharging process. Press DEC key, the charger will display users’ setting.

Page 19: Warning And Error Message WARNING AND ERROR MESSAGE RECOMMENDED ACCESSORIES IMAX B6 Ultimate incorporates a various functions of protective and monitoring the system to verify functions and the state of its electronics. In any case of occurring error, the screen displays the cause of error that is self-explanatory with audible sound. Page 20: Conformity Declaration MAXIMUM CIRCUIT POWER CHART Maximum circuit power chart IMAX B6 Ultimate satisfy all relevant and mandatory EC directives and FCC Part 15 Subpart B: 2008 The actual amount of charge current feeding to the battery is automatically be limited to 200 Watts, For EC directives: so not to exceed the charger’s maximum rated charging power. Page 21: Specification MAXIMUM CIRCUIT POWER CHART SPECIFICATION Battery Operating voltage range DC 11.

When the battery voltage drops — this resets the electronic safety device installed in the battery itself. Additionally charging current would be very slow, although at a lower threshold. Including USB powered coffee cup warmers – thank you for clarifying for me! LM317T and LM7812 are voltage regulator ICs with max out current of about 1.