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The following standards and information documents are published by the Audio Engineering Society. The latest printing will include all amendments and corrections and will be available within a week of its date. PLEASE NOTE: These are copyrighted documents that must not be printed or circulated except in part where useful in standards body deliberations or with the written permission of the AES Standards Committee. Any other use of AES standards information obtained from this website, ieee 112 standard pdf republishing or selling, is expressly forbidden.

PREVIEW extracts are provided without charge as a guide to the content of each standard. For links to other standards organizations relevant to audio engineering, click here. For questions, please contact the AES Standards Secretary. To select multiple documents, check the select box next to each item you would like to add to your shopping basket and press the button at the bottom of page to add these items to the shopping cart. Abstract: As a convenience to users, this compilation comprises a complete set of all AES standards documents. The compilation will be updated regularly to include all new publications available at the printing date.

Any other use of AES standards information obtained from this collection, including republishing or selling, is expressly forbidden. This compilation product is provided as a ZIPed package containing a set of PDF files plus an HTML index page to provide a searchable overview of content and relevant access links. The content of the ZIP file must be extracted before it can be used. HTML Web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox. Abstract: This document is a recommended practice for describing and specifying loudspeaker components used in professional audio and sound-reinforcement systems.

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