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Education in England: a brief history is my copyright. You are welcome to download it and print it for your own personal use, or for use in a school or other educational establishment, provided my name as the author is attached. But you may not publish it, upload it onto any other website, or sell it, without my permission. You are welcome to cite this piece. Education in England: a brief history www. Where a document is shown as a link, the full text is available online.

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Crown copyright material is reproduced with the permission of the Controller of HMSO and the Queen’s Printer for Scotland. 1997-2001 Destroying the comprehensive ideal The Tories’ Assisted Places scheme had provided public money to pay for 30,000 children to go to private schools. It also made a commitment to reduce some class sizes. 1997 White Paper Excellence in Schools The new government’s education policies were set out in the white paper Excellence in schools, published in July 1997. Specialist schools But Blair and Blunkett weren’t listening and the assault on the comprehensive school continued. 1999 saw the inception of the Fresh Start scheme, which aimed to revitalise ‘failing’ inner-city comprehensive schools by appointing so-called ‘superheads’.