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Bermuda, regularly updated as a Gazetteer, focusing on this internally self-governing British Overseas Territory 900 miles north of the Caribbean, 600 miles east of North Carolina, USA. Bermuda Immigration Application Form for all non-Bermudian applicants for residence, retirees, work permits, etc. This is not harbour engineering pdf notes put you off from coming here to work, but purely to let you know what to expect. It has about 65,000 residents and about 500,000 visitors mostly from cruise ships.

It is located about 600 miles due east of the nearest mainland, the USA’s North Carolina. It is not in the Caribbean but 900 miles north of it. No entitlement to Permanent Residency All guest workers and work permit holders in Bermuda irrespective of rank or seniority are required to sign a declaration acknowledging that they are not entitled to permanent residency on the Island. Those already in Bermuda were required to sign the declaration by April 30, 2013. Do you own your own home in your home or adopted country?

And what its price is likely to be to you. If you not currently own your own home, you may be more flexible. 3 in the world in GNI – Gross National Income. It is also a long-established tourism resort. Nationals of countries like the USA, Canada, UK, Philippines, etc who live and work in Bermuda are liable to taxes in their countries on their Bermuda income over a certain amount.

Importing workers from developing nations is difficult or impossible because of a requirement that the UK, US or Canada must first issue a transit visa, even after they are granted work permits by Bermuda Immigration. Without transit visas they cannot come. Neither the Governor nor Deputy Governor can help as issuing transit visas did not involve Government House and that they have no influence over it. These collectively show the realities of working in Bermuda for potential employees who are not Bermudian. They are not shown in any other website. They need to be known and understood well in advance. There are many advantages of course – if you are paid appropriately – but also some matters about which newcomers should be well aware.

Bermuda can be a wonderful place to live and work. A good Bermuda employer will welcome you and treat you well. There are some major advantages to living and working in Bermuda – especially if you like the ocean, sun and beaches. But before you accept any employment, the first thing you need to know are the two different main types of Bermuda-based employers.

Basics Costs, cost comparisons, limitations and restrictions are important to note. Accommodation – Apartment or condo or house renting Many international companies fork out huge housing allowances to keep executives happy because they are intent on maintaining a presence in “one of the world’s most important centres for reinsurance. In your own best interests, negotiate this as part of an employment package. A good employer will either provide accommodation for a newcomer or should be asked to find a suitable place and secure a lease or monthly rental beforehand. 32,000 a month – and can be very hard to find. Apartment or condo or house leasing.

If you lease instead of own an apartment or condominium or home, note carefully that you will not rent by the month but will lease for a specific, mutually-agreed time. Leases are legal and breakage of a lease should not be attempted without risk of a severe penalty. If an employer, not a professional newcomer employee, signs a lease, great care should be taken by the employee not to put the employer at risk. To get a realistic idea of what monthly rent you can afford if you rent an apartment by yourself and get no housing allowance, take no more than 28 percent of your gross annual salary pro-rated monthly.

Another factor to remember is always to ensure the telephone number, electricity and cable TV at the property are in your name when you arrive and are disconnected from your name when you leave. Expatriate employees should try not to spend more than 30 percent of their gross salary on where they rent. It should be large enough to accommodate a visiting family member from overseas. All accommodation for all Bermuda Government contract officers is handled by the Ministry of Works and Engineering and Housing Residential Accommodation Officer. DVDs and other personal effects that you bring with you. Will you be paid for your two-way airline travel during your employment? For example, only once, once a year for annual vacation?

If married and a parent before you arrive, for your spouse and issue too? Will you receive a housing allowance in Bermuda? Many good Bermuda-based employers offer this. Will you receive an electricity allowance, as Bermuda’s electricity costs are more than three times the costs of the USA and Canada? Will your employer pay for a car for you or receive a car allowance in Bermuda? Will it include annual licensing costs which, in Bermuda, are the highest by far in the world? UK, 4 times more than in USA and 3 times more than in Canada?