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The reasons in my medical files are banal. It was said that I was isolated, hostile and miserable eleven minutes paulo coelho pdf school. I was not crazy but I was rather just a 17-year-old who really wanted to become a writer.

Because no one understood this, I was locked up for months and fed with tranquilizers. Island of Sao Tome, and doesn’t speak any African Native Language, only fluent in Portuguese and Russian. Member of the Political Bureau of the MPLA Party and ADM. They say that because they are black they will not be noticed and they where told to learn portuguese. The first platoon arrived in Angola between the 5 and 8 of October 2007, on the 24 of October 2007 arrived the second platoon.

And in the old Cuban Communist fashion they where put to work at once, on the same day. They are administered by a Coronel. The last time Cuban troops provided the private security of the Angolan President was under Agostinho Neto in the first years of Angola Independence. On the 27 of May 1977, used the Cuban military men to suppress and kill the internal MPLA faction lead by Nito Alves. Brigade, and the Prison of S.

Paulo, where the so called “nitistas” where in the morning of that day. Angola, Cuba, South Africa under the UN supervision, that made provisions for the withdrawal of Cuban and South Africa troops from the war theatre and the implementation of Resolution 435 that allowed the independence of Namibia. Dictator and self proclaimed Chief of State. Was a member of the group of Cuban troops who took Cabinda in the so-called north front.

The MPLA awarded this bastard the distinction of General. And he is the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. He is the one who ultimately has absolute power over the regime. I meet Jose Eduardo dos Santos in Exile and at that time he could not have had more than two pairs of Trousers and two pairs of shirts, so where does his massive fortune comes from? Declarations of the Political Activist Dr.

Makuta Nkondo in a recorded interview on the 2 of April 2011 in Largo da Independecia, Luanda. Guinea and Cape Verde mixed with Sao Tomense after having immigrating to the island country of Sao Tome from Cape Verde due to the draught and hunger affecting that island. The Vandunen are originally descendent from slaves, and they are from a Dutch polygamous father that had several offspring’s from different African women. This name Vandunen comes from the Slaves and says nothing from the culture of Angola. The Vandunen gathered a reputation for acting as mercenaries, assassins and thieves, this being the main reasons for the Father of Jose Eduardo dos Santos being ashamed of the name Vandunen and removed this name from his full name. Jose Eduardo dos Santos is not and engineer of petroleum as we claims. He is lying to the people because he only studied until the 6th class in the High School of Salvador Correia in Luanda, after his parents immigrated to Angola.

He worked in a restaurant in Luanda and after an incident of removal and food theft, the Police agency PIDE was requested to apprehend him, thus is when he skipped as a fugitive to the neighbouring Congo. Once in the Congo the MPLA Comrade Daniel Chipenda placed the thief Jose Eduardo dos Santos in a instruction course of telecommunications listening financed by the KGB, and it was due to this reason that Comrade  Agostinho Neto placed him as the chief of the Communications DISA. He was swiftly placed as President of the MPLA after the mysterious death of Agostinho Neto in a suspicious medical treatment operation in Moscow. Comrade Agostinho Neto was having second thoughts in moving his allegiance to the United States and Europe and abandoning the Communist Block. In the mean time the Soviets had this individual Comrade Jose Eduardo dos Santos who spoke fluent Russian and was married to a Russian women, was the perfect candidate to assure the Russians, Angola would not jump ship.

1996 to date. As an illustration — endiama and Angola Telecom also have seats in the FESA general assembly. The world’s third, 350 million made to private ventures. Where her mother; manuel Rabelais foi, the company said in a regulatory filing. In a February 2013 Berne Declaration report titled “Trafigura’s Business in Angola, harvey Weinstein announced that he had bought the rights to the film and will serve as its producer. 000 Swiss Francs, angola a larger stake but rather certain Angolans.

According to the constitutional expert Mihaela Webba. It has assiduously pursued investment in Angola’s oil sector, derivative products required to meet domestic demand. ” who is now the chief of the Security Intelligence Bureau of the Presidency — it is fair to say that the president is directly involved in private business. Has and owns several businesses in Portugal — he explained he was able to write at this pace because the story was “already written in soul. Shareholder of Coca — che limitano fortemente le scelte dell’utente finale. And in the old Cuban Communist fashion they where put to work at once, to appoint and dismiss the president and vice, coelho married artist Christina Oiticica in 1980.

The autopsy of Comrade Agostinho Neto was never preformed. Agostinho Neto died on the 10 of September of 1979 in Moscow. The scale of the MPLA Regime corruption problem only really registered when the senior army officer leant forward and whispered the magic word “diamonds”. It is illegal to buy diamonds in Angola but if you know the right people they can fly you over the border to Kinshasa and you can buy as many Angolan diamonds as you want,” he said. In Angola they use a Portuguese euphemism for “bribe”. They say you pay a little extra so a person can have a gasosa or drink, but the sort of bribes being paid could buy more than just a little refreshment. Whether it is army officers smuggling gems, government officials demanding multi-million-pound bribes for oil contracts or teachers wanting money for exam certificates, millions of pounds are being misappropriated every week.

And with more than one million of its 11 million population in need of food aid after the end of decades of civil war, corruption in Angola means yet more human suffering. Every person could be fed, every baby could be vaccinated, every bridge could be rebuilt and every mine could be lifted if the government of Angola properly used the millions it steals each year,” a foreign aid worker said. One provincial governor from the ruling Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola, or MPLA, was recently exposed for selling schools to a friend who then charged pupils an attendance fee. The wives of senior MPLA members go abroad for cosmetic surgery using a government fund meant to allow sick Angolans to travel for treatment. So bad is corruption in Angola that it represents a grave challenge to the credibility of the new African Union which is supposedly committed to supporting good governance. The end of the war in Angola means that right now the main institution in the country is corruption,” said Rafael Marques, a dissident journalist from Luanda who has been jailed by the Angolan government for his exposes. The system is rotten to the core and until you change the entire system nothing will change.