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FSANZ is currently reviewing the requirements in the Food Standards Code for nutritive substances and novel foods. Novel foods are non-traditional foods that require assessment by FSANZ in order to establish their safety before they are added to the food supply. In Australia and New Zealand, novel foods and novel definition of novel pdf ingredients are regulated under Standard 1.

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Novel Foods in the Food Standards Code. A novel food cannot be sold as food or used as a food ingredient unless it is listed in the Standard. Standard be amended to include the food or ingredient in the list. Novel food applications are subject to a pre-market safety assessment. If the food passes this assessment, it is added to the list in the Standard and the manufacturer can go ahead and sell it, as long as it complies with any specified conditions. How can I determine whether a food is novel?

There are a number of approaches to determining whether a food is novel. The ACNF is chaired by FSANZ and representatives from Australian state and territory jurisdictions and the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries. Standard and, if so, whether a safety assessment needs to be done. It uses a guidance tool to assist it in reaching its view on whether a food is novel or not. Once the ACNF completes its consideration, it provides a recommendation about whether the food in question is a novel food for the purposes of the Standard. The recommendation is published on the FSANZ website along with the reasons for the recommendation. Not all enquiries will produce a recommendation from the committee.

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