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Air Conditioning for Studebaker Cars: Procedures, Parts and Materials need for installing AC on the Typical Studebaker. Studebaker Air Conditioning  Part 2: After installing several different AC setups to various Studebakers, I believe this to be the “best” way to add AC to your V-8 equipped Studebaker. Many of the ideas apply to 6-cylinder Studebakers also. Included in this feature, is adding a Delco “one-wire” alternator to your AC setup. Typical Studebaker Dash Switch Repair: This page shows a couple Studebaker Dash switches taken apart- so you backyard mechanics can see what you will be getting into. These switches are not too difficult to repair.

1962-64 GT Hawk Tachometer wiring diagram: Wiring diagram for GT Hawks equipped with the standard tachometer- using the “rectangular” sending unit. 1956-1964 Studebaker Hawk Clock Repair: Procedures for repairing your factory clock. The procedure could be used for other Studebaker clocks also, as the design and operation was similar. Note: While this article pertains to an original AFB manifold, you can modify a 2bbl, or a WCFB manifold to also work.

These converted 2bbl manifolds are available from SASCO, and modifying a WCFB manifold is pretty easy also. Carburetor Information Files:  Information on Studebaker carburetors used from 1936-66. CR Bearing number will be provided. These are mostly roller and ball bearings. Needle bearings and bushings are not provided. Search this document for the original Studebaker bearing number from your parts book. Molding Clips and Fasteners: For most trim and side-molding applications.

Repairing a Rusty 1962 Lark Front Fender:  using an NOS 1964-66 Fender. Typical Studebaker Front-Fender Repairs:  What kind of fender can be saved? See the repair of a very rusty Hawk fender. 1953-1961 Studebaker Coupe and Hawk Headliner Installations:  Photo gallery of installing windlace and headliner in a ’55 Coupe.

Most other Stude Headliners install much the same. 1956-1961 Hawk Fin Installation:  How-to on fin installation. 1954 Champion 4-Door: Right side bodywork and paint procedures on an actual Studebaker! A collection of “modern formulas” closely matching original Studebaker Colors.