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Usage control create hyperlink in pdf PDF documents from being modified, copied, converted, printed, signed, converted, etc. Convert PDF files into HTML, RTF and TXT format.

Easy PDF Creator offers an easy and less expensive way of creating high-quality PDF documents out of almost any windows application. The software installs as if it were a real printer, making the creation of PDF files as easy as printing. Common documents can be converted to PDF files at an incredibly fast speed while retaining the look and feel of the original documents as well as many options that give users flexibility in PDF creation. With Easy PDF Creator Plug-ins, existing PDF documents can be easily converted into HTML, RTF, TXT format with a minimum loss of information while preserving the layout and graphics of the original documents. As professional PDF creation software, Easy PDF Creator gives businesses the means to effectively deliver existing business documents to partners, customers and employees.

It is important to setup up PDF page properties before you create a PDF. The default PDF paper size is A4, however, sometimes you are required to generate Letter size, Legal size, A3 size, A5 size PDF document, so you should set the correct paper size. You can even define custom paper size and adjust paper orientation for your PDF documents. Paper Size: Define the actual paper size. You may also define custom paper size. Unit: The unit of measurement, including inches, millimeters and points.

Scaling: how PDF document is scaled. Fonts embedding is required for many purpose. If you want to create a PDF document that will be shown to your clients and you are not sure whether a certain font has been installed on your clients’ computers, you should embed fonts into your PDF document. So that the document will be opened and shown on other computers keeping the format and fonts unchanged. Fonts Embedding is most useful for creating PDF files from documents with Eastern or Asian language characters presented. After the embedding, all blanks and question marks will disappear, and the correct characters will show up.

Choose the fonts that you wish to embed into your generated PDF. Unicode, True type fonts are all supported. The left window shows all the fonts currently installed on your system. The right window shows the selected fonts that you wish to embed into generated PDF. Easy PDF Creator features Automatic Output for PDF files, which is not presented in Easy PDF Creator.