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Please forward this error screen to 209. Follow the link for more information. Winter in America is a studio album by American vocalist Coming of age in america a multicultural anthology pdf Scott-Heron and keyboardist Brian Jackson.

The album serves as Scott-Heron and Jackson’s debut release for Strata-East, following a dispute with their former label and departure. It proved to be their sole release for the independent jazz label. Upon its release, Winter in America featured limited distribution in the United States and quickly became rare in print. Top Jazz Albums chart and ultimately sold over 300,000 copies in the United States. While it was critically overlooked upon its release, Winter in America earned retrospective acclaim from several writers and music critics as Scott-Heron’s and Jackson’s greatest work together. Social circumstances and musical events preceded Scott-Heron’s and Jackson’s signing with Strata-East. Scott-Heron had looked to expand on his socially conscious, pro black-oriented themes and independently produce a more conceptual album than his previous work had envisioned.

The label had also been known for carrying out the management concept of “condominium”. Originally conceived and penned by Cowell, it gave artists authority and responsibility over their recorded material independently, as well as the ability to assign the master tapes over to the label for distribution. To record the album, Jackson suggested a small studio located outside of Washington, D. The recording sessions served as the first production credit for Scott-Heron, Jackson, and Jose Williams.

As the third unofficial collaboration between Scott-Heron and Jackson, the album’s recording featured more of Jackson’s input than before. In contrast to their Flying Dutchman recordings and subsequent Arista recordings, Winter in America utilized a sparse production quality and small number of sessions musicians. A small supporting line-up, featuring drummer Bob Adams and bassist Danny Bowens, contributed on a few cuts. The September 4 and 5 sessions featured only Jackson and Scott-Heron playing and recording. B sounds and influences, along with more creative and artistic control of the project. More than half of the album’s songs were co-written and produced by Jackson. The original name of the album was intended to be Supernatural Corner, named after the cover art, but was later changed to Winter in America by Scott-Heron.

The revised title of Winter in America was intended to represent Scott-Heron’s use of the season of winter as a metaphor and concept of his view of the issues facing society during his time. The title was also meant to represent the urban sociological themes featured on the album, which had surfaced on most of Scott-Heron’s previous work. At the end of 360 degrees, Winter is a metaphor: a term not only used to describe the season of ice, but the period of our lives through which we are travelling. In our hearts we feel that spring is just around the corner: a spring of brotherhood and united spirits among people of color.

In retrospect, he stated “We felt as though we had come across something that people did not understand or did not recognize but that’s the season that we were going into, not for three months but for an extended period of time. A lot of the folks who represented summer and spring and fall had been killed and assassinated. The only season left is winter. African-American community and inner-city life in the 1970s. Similar to his studio debut album Pieces of a Man, Winter in America has Scott-Heron exercising his baritone and deep tenor-singing abilities with some spoken-word elements.