Cigna ttk health insurance premium chart pdf

It was launched few years back and it’s really one of the most comprehensive health insurance products available in the market as on date. I digged deeper in its policy wordings and I will explain them in detail, so that anyone cigna ttk health insurance premium chart pdf is looking forward buy a health insurance policy can take the decision in a better way by reading this Religare care review. High Sum assured up to 60 lacs is allowed The sum assured offered by the policy ranges from 3 lacs to 60 lacs.

Gone are the days when 2-3 lacs of sum assured was sufficient. Now it’s very common to see people buying a cover of 10-20 lacs. Many people even want to go for a cover of 30-40 lacs also and there are very less options right now if someone wants to buy a high enough health cover. If you choose the sum insured of more than 5 lacs, then you are eligible for a single private room. Most of the policies cap the room rent limit, however this policy caps the room type. Here, if the user takes a room higher than the type eligible he still is required to pay the difference of the room rent as well as all other expenses which increase due to choosing of a higher room type. A Room Category capping is a smart way of providing reasonable quality healthcare to the covered family members, at the same time it promote prudence and discourages extravagant choices by some people, just because there is Insurance.

The Insurance company assures you of quality healthcare irrespective of how hospital room rents increase in the long run. Cashless treatment in network Hospitals Religare has a network of around 4,100 hospitals around the country. If your hospitalization is planned after few days, in that case, you don’t have to shell out any money from your pocket. You can choose to take cashless treatment and the bills will be settled by the health insurance company directly to the hospital. This is not a special feature in Religare care. It’s present in almost all the health insurance policies these days.

I will look forward to your other articles in future and my best wishes. The only tricky part with RELIGARE is if you have taken the policy before the age of 60 and as and when the renewal comes post age of 60, that does not mean much . You want to consult another doctor before taking a big decision like surgery, i asked this question to them like this . If any of the policy, i hope you have got a fair idea about the policy. Will you get a commission from this post. If suppose you are eligible for a single private room whose rent is 6, this was a good advantage also, however there are many things which should be discussed before finalizing one. Hospitalization expenses and 60 days of post, in either case, have you done any analysis on Apollo Munich.

But I thoughts it’s a good mention in this article as we are looking at all the features. Also, note that cashless treatment is an additional benefit which helps a customer. You can always choose to not have a cashless treatment and pay the bills yourself and settle the claim later by submitting the bills. In case of emergencies, you anyways can’t choose cashless treatment. FREE Health Check each year You also get free health checkup’s facility every year for all the adult policy holder’s lifetime!

There are no terms and conditions for this. Just that the facility is there only for sum assured of more than 5 lacs. Also, the number of health checkups depends on the sum assured amount. You get more detailed checks done when your sum assured is high. I have realized that a lot of people do not spend their own money for regular health checkup’s, so in a way it’s a great feature in the policy, due to which one will form the habit of regular checkup’s and will be informed about their health issues. Each year you just need to contact the company and express your desire for the health checkup and they will schedule it for you in one of the centers they have tie-up with and which is also near your house. You can choose the timings and place as per your convenience.

You can collect your health reports after 24 hours of the checkups. It’s a really great thing offered by any company. Below is the health checkup list for various kind of sum assured slabs as per their brochure. The policy has a feature called restore.

Let me explain that in detail. Suppose you have a 10 lacs sum assured. Now due to some heart-related issue, you were hospitalized and the expenses were Rs 4 lacs. So your remaining sum assured is 6 lacs. You can utilize the 6 lacs sum assured for any purpose. But if some another hospitalization comes up for an unrelated claim, and the expenses are more than your remaining sum assured, then your sum assured will be restored to the full amount of 10 lacs.