Chinese characters practice sheet pdf

This simple tool allows Chinese teachers and parents to quickly create Pinyin practice sheets for Chinese learners who haven’t started learning Chinese characters. Create a blank practice row for each Pinyin entry. Enter the title of the vocab list, such as Chinese characters practice sheet pdf Family.

Optionally, enter the Chinese characters or words. Optionally, enter the definition of the Chinese character or word. Click the P button to add Pinyin automatically. If no Chinese character or word is entered, enter the Pinyin manually.

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The Pinyin must be in tone number notation, for example, ni3 hao3. Optionaly, adjust Pinyin practice sheet maker settings, such as grid size, grid color, etc. Click the Print button to generate the Pinyin practice sheets. Optionally, click the Save button to save the vocab list for future use. Sign in to show the vocab lists on my account. English, Pinyin or Chinese, into the search box. Add an asterisk within a search as a placeholder for any unsure or unknown terms.

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