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Please forward this error screen to sharedip-10718044127. FLUID CONTROL LAP 2216Toute intervention laparoscopique implique que I’aspiration et Irrigation soient parfaitement efficaces et fiables. Le système d’entraînement universel à usage microchirurgical . Imprimé sur du papier blanchi catalogue instruments chirurgie pdf chlore.

8 – L25, sur enfileur a usage unique4918032031 x fil non resorbable, aiguille triangulaire. 0 4,0 mm, NL 175 mm8880. A specialproperty of this material is its osteoconductive effect in bones. Sistema de instrumentos bipolares – modular – ergonómico – seguroERAGONbipolar – el sistema de instrumentos modular reutilizable para lalaparoscopia. El instrumental moderno y de alta calidad ha demostrado ya en muchasocasiones su gran eficacia. 0003Grande surface de coupeDésignation2 mm Øl. IIISIM Special Imaging Mode CMOS VISION sensor endoscopesSIMdialog corenova 3G-Color Contrast modes increase the image contrast and the colordialog3G-SDIdifferentiation by selective false-color display.

The endoscopic enucleation of the prostate is becoming an increasingly importantprocedure in daily practice for Urologists. The use of translucent, tough, high-performance plasticmakes the Sterisafe DURO A3 extremely robust. 5 mm instruments and appropriate trocars leaves behind only verysmall scars that are hardly visible. ERAGONmodular mini unites precision, safety, ergonomic design andintuitive handling in a perfect combination. This is ensured by the highgrade processing and material quality for all components and the welldesigned functional elements. WL 300 mm 8935461PANOVIEW ULTRA Telescope 5.

With four times the resolution of regular HD, 4K technology gives sharpness a new meaning. The ENDOCAM Logic Family, now in 4KThe ENDOCAM Logic Platform is a pioneer and trendsetter forgroundbreaking new technologies. The ENDOCAM Logic 4Kcontinues this tradition with a large number of impressivecharacteristics. This enables the recorded image data to be directly processed withoutextrapolation. Logic HD combinesflexibility and versatility in a uniquedimension.

Sharpen your focus forbrilliant images and a lot of smartoptions. Logic HD has beenconfigured for the highest imagetransmission standards. The systemalso offers maximum flexibility inthis area. Logic HD has a largenumber of preset application profilesthat have been tested in clinical settings and can be quickly selected.

ENDOCAM PERFORMANCE HD offers maximum power at a comparativelycost-effective price. Thesehave an illuminant with a longservice life and the operating costsare significantly reduced. Safe Start energyficient dialog core nova Remote Stanlong lifedialog dialog. SIM Special Imaging ModeVIScore nova 3G-SDI Full-HD Recording “300 Watt” LEDENDOLIGHT LPiPCMOSWhat advantages can you expect from all ENDOLIGHT LED models? 264 PiPThe ENDOLIGHT LED Series offers the right option for any requirement. 1 mm, WL 165 mm . Performance in a new dimensionFLUID CONTROL Arthro is a newpump system for arthroscopic endoscopy and full-endoscopic spinesurgery.

The particular strength of thissystem lies in a partical combinationof high performance and costeffective overall concept. Once a day or less frequent use: werecommend a complete tube set. Degenerative diseases of the spine form a daily focus. The therapy encompasses medical and socioeconomic problems. CUDLF uspirit of excellence The telescopes in the current generationhave a large 4. ENDOCAM Logic HD and which can be applied invarious medical disciplines. You can structure your working environment more flexibly than ever before to suit yourpersonal requirements!

New functions can be installed quickly and operated easily. ENDOCAM Epic 3D HDwill convince you of the real benets. Simply easy Convenient operation on the big touchscreen makesrecording easy for the team. The touchscreen is simplypositioned where it can be most easily reached. Simply brilliant The integrated Blu-ray recorder permits copies to bemade to the latest HDTV medium Blu-ray Disc andDVD ideal for handing on to patients or for makingback-up copies. Brilliant image quality thanks to the latest HD technology. Here the first 2 pages from the catalogue “core.

Network of new possibilitiescore nova offers appropriate modules for any phase of the surgical workow. Through the use of networking can hardware and software components bemade available to all users securely and without complex cabling. Data capture and documentationcore nova provides seamless data capture during the intervention and this infor-mation can be forwarded to all linked IT systems. Heavy instruments are safelyheld in place by an open anda closed silicon holder. Endoscopy and EPLPrinted on paper based on cellulose which has been bleached without the use of chlorine. The proven suture clips from Richard Wolf arenow available in this material. Uniquely sharp and noweven more ergonomic!