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10 Hard to Learn Skills are Necessary for Success! 48 page, seven tests reviews of Accounting I, II. About 10 years ago, the most prevalent self-publishing option called for a significant up-front investment and reliance on a publishing service company. Authors had to forfeit more than half of their royalties and grant exclusivity to a single company to sell and distribute their work. Just as traditional publishing has been transformed by the rise of e-books, today’s self-publishing market has been transformed by new distribution tools that are free to use, take a smaller percentage of authors’ sales, and operate on a nonexclusive basis.

Authors have far more control over where their work is sold and what they earn. Since the services and tools will keep transforming, this article provides an overview of e-publishing principles and skills that are slower to change. But it also covers specific services you should be aware of given their current prominence in the market. Do your target readers prefer print or digital? Look for these indicators: Is it common for authors in your genre to release e-books only? Have publishers launched e-book imprints in your genre?