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WOT Community Badge for updatestar. XP, 32 bit and 64 bit bolt action rulebook pdf download free. Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it.

You can choose your language settings from within the program. Cycles builders of gravity fueled machines. This is our most recent build, hope you enjoy! It is what it sounds like, a bicycle that goes down hill and otherwise has not much use.

Speed varies depending on the hill. We regularly get up to 50mph but speeds up to and beyond 80mph can be accomplished. While the speeds may be questionably legal, these machines are legal on all public roads where bicycles are allowed. If you ever care to race in an organized race. Conforming to the IGSA standards might be a good idea. Listed below are the three rules we build loosely around and have not found the need or desire to go out side of those bounds. Many more rules can be found in the rule book.

Metal cutting tools of some kind – Angle grinder and cut off wheels, metal band saw, hacksaw, hole saw. We dig through metal scrap bins for most of our metal material and then let the material inspire. We did buy 8ft of  . 125″ mild steel for this project. We truly hope you enjoy this inside look! This is a critical step to create a comfortable ride.

Everyone has there own body length and preference of how something should feel. We joke sometimes saying every bike is our prototype for the next bike we build. As you can see in the photo our prototype is super high tech utilizing a chunk of wood, rope, zipties, a fork, and some wheels. It was just together enough that we could carefully straddle it. Pretending where the handle bars, kneelers, and rear pegs might be.

Card board boxes milk crates and other random items come in handy at this stage. Be sure to take more measurements than you think you need. Also plenty of photos sure don’t hurt. Documentation is a wonderful thing. Sometimes we will draw over the photo to play with the overall aesthetics and frame layout.

It is cheaper to learn things on paper than steel. Great thing about gravity bike frames are the minimalistic needs. The front and rear axle must be aligned and the head tube needs to be true. Aside from those two things the rest of the frame design is up to where you want you body on the bike. Our jig is made from mild steel . 125 wall thickness and 1.

5″ square for the uprights because its what we had laying around. Drill holes in the jig at the distance in which you want your axle length to be. Ours is at 48 inches. 8″ axles from bmx wheels and mounted those into the holes.

These axles will be used to mount the fork and rear dropouts during the frame build and welding. The materials for the frame are all over the place. We had an old donor bike that we salvaged parts from: the head tube, rear drop outs seat stay, and fork. We salvaged the old seat stay mainly for the v-brake tabs already on the frame. The two top tubes and lower tube are mild steel .