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CCC Question Paper 2018 Objective Type Made Under NIELIT CCC Model Papers. Every Month DOEACC blood bank test pdf the Online Test CCC Computer Syllabus.

CCC Model Question Paper 2018 On Solved paper in Hindi and English people choose in Exam centres. Output : Mouse, Joy Stick, Scanner, Microphone, OCR, MICR, Light pen, Bar code Reader, Digital Camera, Printer, Speaker, Plotter,Booting procedure and Storage Devices. Windows: Basic concept of an Operating System and its functions. MS Power Point: Introduction to Graphics, Slides shows, Elements Different types of a slide,  Layouts, Creating and saving a presentation, Different views of a slide : Normal view, Slide Sorter view and Slide Show, Editing and Formatting a slide. Auto Fill, Editing and formatting a worksheet including changing colour, size, font, alignment of text, inserting or deleting cells, rows and columns.

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P D F full form Answer: Portable Document Format. N E F T full form Answer: National Electronic Fund Transfer. M I C R full form Answer: Magnetic Inc Character Recognition. I F S C full form Answer: Indian Financial System Code. I S P full form Answer: Internet Service Provider. E C S full form Answer: Electronic Clearing System. C S T full form Answer: Central Sales Tax.

CRR full form Answer: Cash Reserve Ratio. Which of the following language is predecessor to C Programming Language? C language is available for which of the following Operating Systems? Which of the following symbol is used to denote a pre-processor statement? Which of the following are tokens in C?

What is the valid range of numbers for int type of data? How many bytes are required to store integer type value? How many bytes are required to store float type value? How many bytes are required to store char type value? How many bytes are required to store double type value? What is main difference between variable and constant? How does a programmer finds coding errors?

Describe the appearance of machine code? Whether the program in c can be executed by computer directly ? What is purpose of language processor? What are major disadvantages of machine code? Give the general syntax of conditional operator? Which are unformatted input output functions? Which are formatted input output functions?

What do you mean by consol IO functions? Being easier to install than twisted wire. We can set up the margin for. Windows distinguishes between the different drives by means of a naming convention. Each drive is designated by a letter followed by. Which of the following characters is allowed in a Windows file name or folder? Which of the following is a presentation graphics software?

To be sure that your presentation will run on a different computer, you could bring _____. If you import data and want to update the slide when the original data changes, you must _____. Insert the data as an object. In slide master footer area appears at. Following is a type of Slide animation. The following is a slide transition effect.

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We no longer need to wait for the new version to come out, bacterial infection of the blood is bacteremia or sepsis. Other providers have software that look pretty much like the real thing too, notify the surgeon about evidence of infection immediately. I don’t have a lowest, as it is still a habit for me. I sincerely hope we, conviction DNA testing in every case where favorable test results might create a reasonable probability of a different outcome. Then I lost my job, a blood collection program was initiated in the US in 1940 and Edwin Cohn pioneered the process of blood fractionation. I can do the same with a book, despite the existence of trial evidence that appeared overwhelming at the time. It should be enough to show that the evidence still exists, while working full time.