Bible timeline jeff cavins pdf

Has it taken almost 10 years to complete? Do a lot of Catholics, unless they read Catholic Bible blogs, have no idea that it has now been published? But is bible timeline jeff cavins pdf good and worth the wait? The edition I am reviewing is the hardback one.

These are truly good days for Catholics to enhance their love of Scripture, which is certainly one of the main areas of focus for our current Holy Father. There really is no excuse for Catholics to not be engaged in regular Bible study, whether individually or in a group. Ignatius Press has been producing since 2000, it is so much more. Matt, over at Absolutely No Spin, has some fine pictures which illustrate that point. This isn’t to say that it is as large as the Navarre Bible- New Testament Expanded Edition. Again, this was a major issue I had with the original edition of the RSV-2CE, which has recently been changed.

This is certainly not a wide-margin study Bible, like the original NAB Catholic Study Bible was, but there is still plenty of space for individual notations. The true worth of this volume is in the amount of study notes, the 28 in-text charts and maps, the 62 word studies, and the 23 topical essays that are included. Scott Hahn, which clearly explains all the important issues related to the Gospels, most notably the relationship among the synoptics. 112-114 for the reasoning behind this special annotation system. For the most part, however, there are no differences in content between this and what was found in the original single volumes. Yet, to have the study material collected in one volume makes cross-referencing the information much easier.

For me, the topical essays prove to be the most welcome feature of this study Bible. There are both timely placed, as well as substantial and fair in their presentation. For example, on pages 514-515 there is a topical essay on the issue of “Who is Babylon? Both sides of the issue are given fair treatment, as oppose to most study Bibles that simply state one or the other as fact. Mary as the Ark of the Covenant. NT volumes into one book, it would have been already a fine volume, but there is more to this. Perhaps one of the most surprising, yet welcome additions to this volume is the inclusion of almost 200 pages of study aids that are found at the back.

I would just like to mention the Index of Doctrines, since is a welcome addition to this volume. It reminds me of the old St. Joseph NAB edition I own, which contained a similar feature. I can see this section being helpful to not only those looking to defend their faith or engage in apologetics, but also for those Catholics who are either new to the Church or who have recently come home. All in all, this an outstanding study Bible. Are there additional things I would have liked to see in it?

Also, one hopes that the Old Testament volumes come out at a much quicker pace than the New Testament ones. Let me also say that I would really like to see Ignatius Press publicize this more. How about a website devoted to this project? Catholic bookstores, but also businesses like Barnes and Noble and Borders, how about a little more publicity. It’s a great resource, why not give it the promotion that it deserves! In conclusion, the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible New Testament is a great resource that every Catholic should pick up.