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Learning is characterized by persistent and measurable changes in behavior which are not associated with fatigue, altered motivation, or maturation. Some information or knowledge is acquired and is animal behavior alcock pdf used to alter the individuals actions and responses.

Learning as an adaptive behavior allows individuals to adapt to specific environment challenges. The mode of learning THAT develops in the absence of its association with any reinforcement is called non-associative learning. It is of following two types: Habituation and Sensitization: Habituation refers to a gradual decrease in behavioral responses with repeated encounters of a particular stimulus, which proves of no consequence. It depends on a change in the synapse between the sensory and motor neuron. In contrast, sensitization refers to an increase in behavioral responses following repeated applications of a particular stimulus. Following sensitization, very little stimulation is then required to produce exceedingly large effects. The ability to learn is a basic foundation of intelligence.

Patterns that are of consequence to our daily lives are readily learned, which suggests the presence of powerful biases in their search and representation. An effort to form mental images out of any material to be learned may often enhance retention. The use of multiple codes for harnessing any material thus may enhance performance by increasing the number of retrieval paths. This association sometimes occurs in subjects even when sickness was merely coincidental and not related to the food. Operant conditioning, sometimes called instrumental conditioning or instrumental learning, was first extensively studied by Edward L. Thorndike’s most famous work investigated the behavior of cats trying to escape from various home-made puzzle boxes.

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