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Click to see the PDF OR right click on an book and ‘save as’ to save the book to your hard drive. Creative Illustrator, in jpg format so you can flip through them online if you wish to do so! This article is about individual Indigenous Canadians. For Canadian Indigenous history and culture, see Indigenous peoples in Canada. Femme Fatales Red Carpet – Crystle Lightning. A colour photo of Tagaq on stage singing. She is holding a microphone while wearing a red and black dress.

A colour picture of Tony Whitford, Commissioner of the Northwest Territories during his swearing in ceremony. He is in a dark suit and white shirt with a tie and a flower in the buttonhole. Over the course of centuries, many Indigenous Canadians have played a critical role in shaping the history of Canada. Indigenous customs and culture have had a strong influences on defining Canadian culture.

1,172,790 million people reported having at least some Indigenous ancestry in 2006, representing 3. From 1981 to 2001, the percentage of Indigenous people who obtained college diplomas increased from 15. First Nation people have come from a diverse background of history, economy, culture and government. First Nations become active politicians in the Canadian government holding a sense of pride and patriotism towards the nation of Canada. Shanawdithit, born 1801, was the last recorded surviving member of the Beothuk people.

After Shanawdithit’s death in 1829, the Beothuk people became officially extinct as a separate ethnic group. A colour photo of Graham Greene at the Gemini Awards wearing a black and white tuxedo. Graham Greene at the Gemini Awards in 1998. The arts and entertainment venue has seen Indigenous peoples stand at the Oscars, an internationally prominent award ceremony such as Chief Dan George.