2010 corvette owners manual pdf

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Hope it can be useful for you guys. 2007 Suzuki Grand Vitara JB416 JB419 JB420 JB627 Service Manual. The above list is only of GV intended parts and accessories. ARB products must be modified to fit the GV except for the tools like air compressors, lifts, etc.

Lug Nuts and Locks Thread Size: 12 x 1. Make sure the metric grade of the bolt you’re buying is 12. 9 for added security, do not buy anything less than 8. For non-english websites I recommend using Google Chrome browser because it allows to easily translate the websites, not a perfect translation but lets you get a better idea.

But yes it has to be included. I apologize, and thanks, any other parts or measures that you guys think it must be included just post it in and it will be taken into consideration. The ARB bar does fit, it is purpose designed for the GV ! 8 models, and one from 2008 forward. The car will need modifications, but, so will nearly ALL new cars, since the introduction of pedestrian safety crumble zones. Its just a bit of plastic to be cut, and some brazing of the front rails.

It’s all included in the mounting instructions and hardware for the bar. The 200 series Toyota Landcruisers are the same. You can search youtube for Deluxe Bar Mounting instructions and you see one be modified. 2x 12″ Dali WD12 Subs, 2x300Wrms Infinity Kappa Amp. I searched a bit and found very interesting and appealing accessories overseas. UK site offers a dual outlet muffler with a cat back exhaust for the diesel with a bumper cover to accept the dual outlets.

I’m sure you can order the ARB bars from your local US ARB. I’ll just recommend staying away from Bendix 4wd tough. I got those on mine, the brake ok, but take time to heat up, and while cold they are noisy. I recommend EBC Yellow stuff and Green stuff, but they are difficult to get unless you are in the US.

One set of pads are about 135 USD, both 6000 and 7000 series are available. DVD player for my gand vitara 2006? Got mine replaced with one specifically designed to fit the SGV. The DVD player and radio works fine. USB in and Mini SD card slot works fine. I don’t think that is within the Mods power, but I’d be happy to edit for you.

Just PM your edit needs to me. I earlier “sticky’d” the fuel gauge and valve adjustment threads, as they were so popular too. 5L V-6, 4WD, 5 spd std, ’00 “Limited” leather interior. Don’t forget about GIZ International’s supplier for skid plates.

I hope this site helps some of us North American GV owners. I have tried to “inquire” having these skid plates shipped to Ontario, but have been getting no responses. Apparently they ship all over the world, including quite a bit to Greenland. If they ship to Greenland, than they must ship to Canada. Has anyone had any success with them shipping to Canada? Yes I have received skid plates from fts.